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    Harry Potter!

    Phew! It's been a while (2-3 weeks of little-to-no updates) but this week has been an explosion of words as all my projects reach a publishable state—not the least of which being the sequel to Harry Potter and the Crystal Empire:

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    Mimic Slime Story: Ch14

    This is the last chapter of this. If I try to tell more, I'll be sucked into all that worldbuilding and will be at risk of telling my friend's story for them. I hope you enjoyed this little glimpse at their world through the eyes of a monster.

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    Mimic Slime Story: Ch13


    I am learning to hate that regex because it finds the mistakes I make in this story.

    The big day is here. Mimic slimes were not built for this level of obligation, but our protagonist is a paragon among its kind now. How will it handle the end of civilization?

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    Mimic Slime Story: Ch12

    Do you feel that? That is destiny in the air. A city is about to face its darkest day, but it has a mighty leader to stand up and fight for it.

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    Mimic Slime Story: Ch11

    Plans made and plans carried out. Our slimy protagonist is growing in many ways that have nothing to do with physical size.

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So, what is going on here? · 9:13pm Jan 21st, 2016

Hey everypony! Now, things seem to be coming along nicely with Penny and Stick (oh noez, there is a but here? flash to picture of pony waving their flank ) but I write too much! Seriously, and what is worse, if I keep crossing over/collabing with David, well, things would get very skewed very quickly. So in short ( flash to a picture of the CMC ) I am thinking of starting another little series, with maybe-daily maybe-irregular updates, or even just do a series of short bits ( flash to picture of a pony trying to buy something with no money ), filling in some more history around the backgrounds of SilverVerse.


Oh, and for the record, it would mean Penny and Stick would be on a strict 1/day (+possible collab) schedule.

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Comments ( 2 )

*flaps wings excitedly*

I'm in. I've been enjoying your stories so far and have read everything that you've already posted while waiting for new chapters of Penny and Stick. ^_^

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