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World's okay, feeling okay. · 4:51pm Jan 21st, 2016

3rd of the third month, 2016.

Nice day overall. Haven't felt weird for not feeling in pain lately. Got used to it. I'm really better without an unavoidable stress factor. Guess I'm not really depressed anymore?

I'm usually thinking of too much to say, but I've never liked that people say half-bluffed truths about the worth of things. It encourages non-factual beliefs that can be sloppy. So when they are also not to my taste, not funny, but also a bother, I disdain it further.

Still, I can't exactly agree the world is 'worse than before'. Sure, weapons and technology being more advanced, human conflicts are sometimes the new natural disaster. But the populations of today are much greater: higher deaths tolls are easier to achieve on mobilized wars of similar amplitude and effect, etc. And while wars are more organized, that includes advances in field medicine, the 'laws of war' and all the civilian things that come down from those.

And if an unexpected natural disaster strikes, there's the occasional obvious charity thing. Especially when it's a shelter destroying disaster rather than a disease. As for more background things, bandits and pirates are generally less ubiquitous. Being rich doesn't get you ransomed so easily.

Things vary on the day, and life isn't bent on global equity from some perspectives, but I find it fair.

A thing about modern times, though, is comfort. In the far past, you could be hungry and work or forage for food. And it would sometimes be difficult. But when you worked it out, you got the idea it was in good part your fault: you had some personal worth in it, and you could really appreciate what you didn’t always have.

But now-a-days, you do a job, and some people value it not on what they get, but on what they should have done. Hell, what you should be is part of acquiring a job in some places.

It’s basically much harder to get baseline food in some places, social-wise. Even if the base quality of food is likely at least partly better. What with the crossbreeding of plants for human consumption, I say, mildly at least.

Still, when a jerkwad comes around saying you ain’t successful or good, or advances ideas of what a good person must be. I believe some people take it too closely for their own good: if only one culture or language existed, that wouldn’t make it ‘good’.

So I often dislike when people imply what should be. Because I often disdain part of the expected results. Yet whipping as motivation does matter: there are times where getting more of a limited resource you prize means another can get less for their effort. Yet should you neglect yourself? Or trust those who say the uncomfortable?

Things like demeaning the reputation or morale of others works in competition. And with competition in sophisticated contexts including being selected for the important job, that is better paid in part for loyalty reasons, there is a lot of social play and pressure in some modern societies. And sometimes the ‘richer’ societies advance values in ways that are downright offensive those ‘not rich’ countries. Whatever: remains that economy can win a war, but does not, in itself make a moral victory: don’t brag about having a better culture because your army or economy is more performant.

Some may dislike that propaganda evolves, but if what is in the open is less ‘amoral’, it is a sort of progress. Like it or not. The whipping of people to ideals though, and discrimination? Those are inherent to the diversity of opinions when people recruit each-other. How people go about it changes, but the ‘problem’ shall stay.

If people could get a chip implanted at birth to know the vocabulary to use, I’d vote against it. I don’t think our current society would roll in a way I like with that. And for me, the way things currently roll is okay: lots of space for people of diverging interests to do their thing. Maybe the base distribution of food and other things is an uncomfortable mess, at places. But I find it okay, overall.

I consider that I have more luck than I absolutely need. And that the world is okay, independently of that.

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