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Melbourne trip ( UNIFY 2016! :D ) · 12:58pm Jan 21st, 2016

I went away for a while.

But I'm back now.

Details about my trip below.

Calm before the storm

It was pretty fun. The first day was meant to be just a time killer, alone in the city of Melbourne to which I had never been before. I needed to buy some camping supplies though, so I went for a walk. Got a lot of essentials like torch, tent, swag bag, mattress protector, collapsible seat, lunch... and then I was bored by midday. Got a nice King-size room though, pretty cheaply too.

And then I was bored with no laptop, no Skype, no company, and limited funds in a strange city.

Naturally, I appealed for some attention.
And I got it.
Taranth's a pretty cool dude. We went to the EB Games he mentioned and played Mariokart against each other for a bit. Then we went to Lord of the Fries (what a great name, huh?) and got ourselves some dinner.

I suppose I also ought to mention that as well as being a chill bloke, Taranth is a pretty great writer, in case you weren't aware.

Oh, while I was at EB Games... LOOKIE—SWAG!

You wish you were me

UNIFY 2016

Friday night came and went, and then the next morning at 0945, I hopped on the bus to Tarwin Meadows, Gippsland, Victoria. For those of you all of you who have no idea where that it is, here's a couple of handy dandy maps.

I even remembered to include Tasmania. ( Adren 1 : Woolworths 0 )

Going to UNIFY 2016 by myself made me feel incredibly small among the 4,999 others who arrived to camp overnight for the sold-out, two-day festival. Thousands of tents were erected within minutes, and tonnes of eskies filled to the top with ice and every kind of stereotypical Aussie booze you can imagine began to lose weight rapidly.

And then the music started. Fourteen bands played between 1PM and 12AM on Saturday. All throughout the scorching day, people endured second-degree burns, lengthy lines for merchandise and poorly kept portaloos, hat theft, smashed sunglasses, beach balls and beer bottles being thrown about, overpriced food (although to the festival's credit, they did have a stall especially for people with alternative dietary requirements), crowd surfers, circle pits...

But I'll be damned before I ever say it wasn't worth it.

Make Them Suffer — Widower

Dream On, Dreamer — Hear Me Out

Confession — Heartless (Michael Crafter's final tour; he basically is to Confession what Dave Mustaine is to Megadeth)

In Hearts Wake — Survival (The Chariot)

Parkway Drive — Destroyer

Some choice pics:

Tonight Alive

Parkway Drive

Neck Deep

Make Them Suffer


Alas, my weekend had to end, so the next day I was packed up and on my way back to Brisbane. Also holy shit I'm not spending that much money on a single weekend ever again.

Unless I somehow manage to actually get to Baltimore this year, which is beginning to look once more like a possibility...

Anyway, as of the fourth day post-UNIFY, I finally got my privacy back (more or less). Now I can get back into the swing of things. From tomorrow and over this coming weekend, I'll be doing my utmost to edit all outstanding chapters for people that I said I would, finish my reviews for SA, drop in and maybe deliver a verdict or two for TRG, and resume my own writing.

Why must I heap so much responsibility upon myself I love you guys and I'll give it no less than my all whenever I can in the foreseeable future. Protip: some demands for content words of encouragement never go astray.


P.S. Comet and Famous both did a thing. You should go give them a suss.

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Comments ( 7 )

Goddamn that looks like a good time!

The guy with the fabric around his ankle in the "Neck Deep" photo looks like he's about to be dragged off by a helicopter.

You bothered to put this all together?

Get back to work *smiles sweetly*

He tried to kick an incoming roll of toilet paper back into the crowd but missed. Didn't miss a beat with his singing though.
Um, yes, ma'am. :twilightoops:

Author Interviewer

"Portaloo" sounds like a really ill-conceived crossover fic. :B

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