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When faced with an uncertain future.... · 3:39am Jan 20th, 2016

Keep moving forward, for nothing is set in stone, your future won't be uncertain as long as you keep making the choices that you feel are right.

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Very well put, my friend.

On another note, I think you change you avatar as often as I change my socks

3699464 I just found this avatar on Derpibooru and decided to use it.

Magic. Destiny. Marks... Friendship is the mark of our shared destiny as humans!

3699473 Well, that's cool.

Neat looking avatar, too.

3699485 Do you want me to send you the full pic? I have a tab open of it

3699503 Naw, that's okay.

Thanks anyway.

3699528 Ok. I was just wondering.

3699530 Well, I'm glad you asked, anwyay.

I like Meet the Robinsons too.:rainbowkiss:

3699579 :derpytongue2: I'll be honest, that movie speaks to me in personal ways.

3699584 Me too. I'm guessing it speaks to a lot of people from 13 on up.:duck:

3699590 And that's why it will always be one of those special Disney movies

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