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“Masks are elaborate and everyone has one. It takes a while to get to know people. This doesn't make them mysterious, it makes them like everyone else.”

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    1 Year(?) of FimFiction.


    The join date is the 15th of august, 2015.

    This blog is late. (20 September 2016)

    Anyway, I want to thank each and every one of you who either read/followed/liked/disliked/commented on my stories, and the numerous people who gave me feedback/criticism, the people/stories that gave me ideas, and in general, YOU!

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  • 331 weeks
    Wow, gone much?


    As the title says, I was gone for quite a while. I definitely did not write as much as I would have wanted, or as much as I owe all of you. I don't really have an explanation for it other than my time being consumed elsewhere.

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  • 352 weeks

    No seriously now.

    Sorry for the very very very long absence in chapter uploads. I don't really have any real excuse for that other than my time being consumed more by games I liked playing...

    No worries, though. The Riftwalker has had two updates, one prologue and one normal chapter. A third one is in the making, but I'm sort of waiting for opinions on continuing the Skyrim Crossover.

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    Oh no not another update.

    Yes, another blog post.

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    Quick Message


    Quick announcement to tell you of a new, short story, (possibly) coming soon!
    Also, I am now uploading imaging and other random stuff I use in my stories on my profile, with links to the images. Feel free to use if you have any interest in them.

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Oh no not another update. · 6:34pm Jan 19th, 2016

Yes, another blog post.

I changed the original 'The Riftwalker' to A Scientific Breakthrough. It proved confusing to see an incomplete story have a sequel, while the prequel would theoretically never be completed. A new story, this one now named The Riftwalker, will contain Chapter 14 from 'A Scientific Breakthrough', along with the rest of the storyline on that world. A Scientific Breakthrough is now considered complete, and should no longer prove confusing.

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