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  • 13 weeks
    Alicornae Ch. 58 Uploaded!

    And here it is, the end of all things. Sorry for how long this took to write gang, but between the tumultuous opening to the year, a fear of this story's ending falling flat, and the fact that COVID just got done running through my family (everyone's fine, don't worry), it's been a busy few months.

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  • 25 weeks
    Alicornae Ch. 57 Uploaded!

    Happy Hearth's Warming! As my gift to you, have 7500 words of Alicornae! Now if you'll excuse, me I'm gonna go eat Chinese food with my family! Don't forget to comment and like if you enjoyed it!

    Finale 2/3

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  • 27 weeks
    Alicornae Ch. 56 Posted!

    Alright boyos, this is a long one and there's a lot of revelations to come, so I hope you understand why this took 15 days to write. Hopefully the next chapter wknd take as long, but it's going to be as long, if not longer than this one, so thanks again for the patience.

    As always, comments are appreciated, and don't forget to like if you enjoyed it!

    Finale: Part 1/3

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  • 29 weeks
    Alicornae Ch. 55 Posted!

    And so the end has finally begun. The next chapter and probably the one after that are gonna be my patented "double-length climax chapters", so I thank you in advance for your patience while I work on them. Don't forget to comment and like if you enjoyed, and I'll see ya for the next one!

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  • 29 weeks
    Alicornae Ch. 54 Uploaded!

    It all starts to fall into place in this chapter, so come get it while it's hot! Also, enjoy the extra 1000 or so words since I was getting WAY too into this chapter and let my muse run away with me! Don't forget to comment and like, and enjoy!

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Chance of a Lifetime 500th View! · 4:03pm Jan 19th, 2016

Just a celebratory update to let you know that The Chance of a Lifetime has hit 500 views! Thanks for all the support!

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