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  • Sunday
    Studying and Rating Raven

    Before I do... For people who have a chance to learn a lesson; this is how I rate and study characters. (How they behave, what they're like, what I will or will not approve of, and most important, how I wish to TREAT THEM and how I need to ALTER THEM for my own stories)

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  • 1 week
    Living with your head (And the voices in it)

    Ugh!! Voices in my head, nothing but voices in my head.

    No, it's not schizophrenia, that's entirely different. (I have Autism, not schizophrenia,)

    The voices I hear in my head are replays of old bad memories as far back as I can remember since I was 3...

    -Every adult who ever yelled at me
    -Every bully who ever picked on me

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  • 2 weeks
    Between the Dark and The Dawn (Review)

    Blasted Uploaders, why can't they just load the whole ep instead of 1 minute parts each time and NO MISSING CLIPS. (I'm starting to think these are half leaks)

    Ah well...

    I'll still complain...

    LP: 8000

    The sisters inferring? What's with this?

    -No damage (Yet)

    Well, well, rush of a adrenaline (If that's how it's put)

    -No damage at all.

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  • 2 weeks
    The Last Crusade (Review)

    Got my barf bag ready...

    LP: 8000

    Well it's about time we saw Scootaloo's relatives.

    -No damage.

    (UGH!! It would help if these up-loaders didn't keep doing 1 minute clips at a time and cutting a few seconds off)

    So their like Crocodile Dundee eh... That's all I needed!


    LP: 8000 -----> 7800

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  • 3 weeks
    Improvement VS Approvement

    Someone is going to miserable lengths to flame my fanfiction account with anonymous and very horrid messages...

    Well I know the sneak is watching, (He posts every time I blog) but this is also for other people who actually have a chance to learn and understanding something about how I write things and how I prefer to see things in life. (Screw logic)

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My Brave Pony Starfleet Magic Q&A · 4:41am Jan 19th, 2016

THIS IS A Q&A that means (No debating)

While it seems my fics and characters as well as plot are still being continuously mocked and riffed (Mainly due to people misunderstanding many things about Starfleet and it's concepts) I will gladly answer Questions anyone may have regarding my entire Starfleet series. Perhaps it will help you to understand better, (Not to mention show a little better respect) and realize Starfleet is not what you think it is.

Only ask one question at a time, and make certain that you questions are posted clearly and elaborated well (Speak of all the details.)


--You Must behave civilly, anyone who does not will not be answered and/or blocked.

-There will be no swearing, no inappropriate use of language, no pornography, no hateful images, no insulting, no mocking, no riffing, no intentional spam, Ect, Ect...

Those who have undercut things I said in the past, or ignored my answers I gave them before, will not be welcome here "You'll just have to wait and see if someone else will ask a question like yours" (I'm sorry, but I gave your chances long ago)

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Comments ( 561 )

If the ponies are now humanoid, what about the other races such as griffons, Buffalo, Deer, and other creatures?


They are not exactly as important to me, but some would remain the same, and others like the Buffalo would be humanoid too. Griffins, Dragons would remains the same since they could already function like humanoids.

Wild animals like bears and bugs and other creatures Fluttershy looks after, they remain the same too.

Comment posted by N Harmonik deleted Jan 24th, 2016

How old are the twins, Castor and Lilithane?


That's "Leilani" (Lay-Lah-Nee)

And they are roughly 2 years old. (Which is evidenced given the time lapse from all the fics from the time they were born.


My mistake on the spelling, my apologies. Next question, since Unicorns seem to have a Uniforce, is there a similar power for the pegasi and Earth ponies?


The Uniforce can only be used by Unicorns/Alicorns with Rare golden horns. (Like Lightning, or Grand Ruler, Raven and Cerise) It's considered to be one of the most powerful magical forces in their universe, hardly any forces at all can combat it, unless powerful enough. (Even then, it can only EQUAL to the uniforce, but not effectively beat it)

Answer: No, they don't. but they can however COMBINE their powers with the Uniforce (As shown in Season 3 when Sombra was defeated) But no, no other pony, neither Pegasi, Earth Pony has any power similar to the uniforce.


Pegasi, Earth Pony has any power similar to the uniforce.

So, the follow up question is, why are the Earth ponies and the pegasi left out, as in, why don't they have a power similar to the Uniforce?


So, the follow up question is, why are the Earth ponies and the pegasi left out, as in, why don't they have a power similar to the Uniforce?

Because they don't require any. Why should they? and also, perhaps you misunderstood. Even Unicorns and Alicorns who don't have golden horns can't stand up to the Uniforce. Even Celestia's power can't stand up to it if it's strong enough


Even Unicorns and Alicorns who don't have golden horns can't stand up to the Uniforce. Even Celestia's power can't stand up to it if it's strong enough

I am sorry, but maybe you misunderstood what I was asking. The reason why I was asking, was not because I was asking about a power than can stand up to it, but i was asking for a power that was similar to it. Even in DBZ they have powers that are equal to a Super Saiyan, and Digimon have fusions.

Why should they?

Balance. I only ask because it feels odd that there is a mystical ultimate power that is only available to unicorns, while pegasi and earth ponies get nothing. I think it might be a good angle to explore at one point for your work.

But, last question for now, what are the armors that Starfleet have made of?


Balance. I only ask because it feels odd that there is a mystical ultimate power that is only available to unicorns, while pegasi and earth ponies get nothing. I think it might be a good angle to explore at one point for your work.

Well I did give the other ponies Valkyrie power, but other than that, I don't desire that kind of balance, and wish to never explore it. It is simply not what I want and do not require

But, last question for now, what are the armors that Starfleet have made of?

I have no idea, I never actually gave that alloy a name.

This one has been on my mind and I just thought to ask, How is it that it is impossible for anybody from Unicornia to become evil?


It's not really IMPOSSIBLE, there's been one case before (Dyno and Myte's Uncle) I just prefer if little or none of my ponies became evil. They're supposed to be immune to most pitiful brainwashing techniques.

Dyno and Myte's uncle, he just let power go to his head, but I prefer the others to all be level-headed and reasonable

One thing I am confused by, the first season said that crimes would be put into small prisons, but now there are prison planets belonging to Starfleet. When did Starfleet get prison worlds?


That both IS and is not irrelevant.

Starfleet's been around for over a millennium, and they explored and discovered many planets, some with Races, others completely uninhabited. They have prison planets that are meant to reflect BIG PRISON HOUSES.

Remember, Starfleet isn't just a defense force, they are explorers as well.

Sorry for the confusion of the previous question, what I mean to ask is:In the very first episode, you said Starfleet only has small prisons. Yet, next season, you said Starfleet have converted entire planets into prisons. Why the contradiction?

After all this time, is Titan still the most powerful foe that Starfleet have ever or will ever fight?


Yes, in a way. The Dark King was equally as powerful, if not worse than Titan, but the Dark King was beaten for good, and will never surface even initially.

Titan is the most reoccurring villain. It's possible his life-force is eternal, but his body and power are a different matter (I need to work it out)


Please show me (The exact chapter, and words)

Is the Starfleet humans world (the Equestria girls remake) in the same world as the Duel Drama much, Teen Titans, and some of your Digimon fics?


Defiantly Digimon and Yugioh Spies, but not Teen Titans (Haven't decided to include them yet)


(Sorry for the delay, was busy writing)

Season 1, Episode 1: [petty or harsh crimes would not be tolerated and subject to small sentences-- a week of community service, or a night in small prisons, things like that.]

Season 2, Episode 14: [They, along with Princess Cadance were going on a reconnaissance mission to the planet Conva where one of Starfleet’s many prison compounds was situated. An entire planet compound with thousands of imprisoned creatures of all shapes and sizes from every corner of the galaxy, which was why the entire planet was a prison and others like it.]

Comment posted by DakariKingMykan deleted Mar 11th, 2016


I'm afraid your contradiction is not valid.

You were comparing two completely different things. (Partially due to lack of common sense, and reading closely)

Ordinary police have holding cells at the stations, and even Starfleet has temporary holding facilities (The Prison Caverns beneath New Canterlot Palace.) Before their captives are sent off to the BIG HOUSES on the prison planets.


What is th timeline for the events of Starfleet? i.e When did dueling drama much happen before the Starfleet ponies came in ect ect


The very first chapter of "Operation Duel: final Season" clearly tells you what timeline it is.

Twilight does not have her wings, therefore it's well before season 3 and the first Equestria Girls

Since the human world is the same one as the spiez, Digimon, and Yugioh worlds, how far along in the Digimon, spiez, and yu-gi-oh timelines is the Equestria girls world now? (i.e Is Davis and his team still in school [or fighting alphamon from Digimon tri] and is Jaden still traveling the world).


That has no real relation to Starfleet itself and not important...

Since multiversal travel is possible and the Digital world exists, does Starfleet know about the Digital World?

Are all bad guys (jaywalkers to murderers) sent to prison planets?


EXTREMELY dangerous (Murderers, terrorists, homicidals, Ect, ect) are sent to prison.

Those who are sentenced to a jail term, they too will go to prison.

But whether or not you go to prison depends on the severity of the crime you committed.


Are they tried by a jury of their peers?


Usually a jury, but sometimes, they don't even need a trial. After all, you have more than enough proof from what you've seen and experienced.

You say that it's impossible for anyone on "Friendship is Magic" to gain a higher rank than anyone on Starfleet.

What if they did something so amazing that it was deserving of such a promotion? Let's say Applejack for example did some amazing things that in a short period of time were worthy of her getting a higher rank than say...Buddy Rose before he could get another promotion. What then?


I never said it was impossible.

Yes, perhaps AJ could receive a forthwith promotion, (Like Lightning did) but she'd have to do something extremely big, and I just don't see that happening (Nor do I actually desire it) Not to mention in the logic of the fic, the FIMs may have learned a lot since joining Starfleet, but they are still nowhere near up to their levels. (I'm not calling them stupid or anything like that)

How does Starfleet determine what is more than enough proof that a trial isn't needed?


I've already explained that... just by witnessing, or being victims; it's practically catching them red-handed, and with tons of witnesses. They COULD mind you, still have a trial, by it's a bit pointless by that point since they are already guilty.

Why is there no "innocent until proven guilty" like in several countries of our world? What if the witnesses mistake someone innocent for the criminal or if they're bribed to incriminate somebody not guilty?

Its just that the system seems wasy to abuse. In Digimon, people watched Ken have Stingmon murder some Digimon and they thought he was still a monster until we see that they were wrong. By this same system, when the Titans watched Robin fight them under Slade, then he would be arrested and put in jail for his crimes, and not seeing that he is doing this to help them while under cover.

What have you based the ideals and laws of Starfleet on?


Partially laws of the real world.

-It's bad to publicly insult royalty
-Disturbing the peace...
-Littering in a place that's marked (No Littering) you'll get fined
-Assault, battery, public rage are arrestible offenses (Which is what Ace Ray was arrested for)

Basic stuff like that


That is not likely to happen, Starfleet has ways of knowing the truth. It is not easy to hide anything from them, they'll get the truth somehow.


And what are these ways of uncovering the truth?


The same way anyone would... Lie-detection.

Or the fact that they already SAW it with their own eyes.

Heck, is Starfleet had been around during the Royal Canterlot wedding, their visors would have told them INSTANTLY that that Cadance was a fake.


But, Lie dectors fail. Everything has a failure point, and what about false memories

"In the most infamous real-life case of this trope, between 1980-1995 the United States and elsewhere experienced a number of trials in which children's day care center owners and staff were accused of Satanic ritual abuse, based entirely on testimony that was simply impossible, which the individual did not remember until after being questioned. The "recovered memory" testimony was discredited after a psychologist testified that the techniques used for "recovering suppressed memories" were exactly the ones she had been using in research to create false memories. The real clincher was the "Impossible Bunny" experiment. Using the same techniques used to "reveal" memories of abuse, a researcher got somebody to recall meeting Bugs Bunny at Disney Land...something which is impossible, due to Bugs not being a Disney character, but a Warner Brothers one. More generally, it's been demonstrated that even without this prompting many real victims of crime can have their memories falsified, just by things like being shown the picture of a suspect that wasn't the actual perpetrator. The "show-up" where a victim is presented with the suspect on their own, in a picture or personally, is particularly suggestive. Many suspects were wrongly convicted of crimes due to mistaken eyewitness testimony, and only exonerated by objective evidence like DNA testing (it does not do one good to think of how many are probably still in prison where this does not exist). In the US, it's especially disturbing that a number of them were sentenced to death and in some cases came just days away from being killed."

What if the crimes were witnessed by civilians instead of Star Fleet? They're 'more' likely to lie, be bribed or mistaken!


No, not this time. The only chance you have is if you can BLOCK or Manipulate the magic yourself, and it takes a tremendous amount of magic to do so.

Bottomline, you can never truly outwit Starfleet, and even if you manage to succeed, you will not get away with it.

There goes and old saying...
"You may hide the truth from everyone else, you cannot lie to yourself.

Again, unless you can successfully block the magic, or manipulate (Which I state again, is extremely difficult) the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth will be uncovered. "You cannot outwit Starfleet" (That is how I wish them to be portrayed)

what's to prevent a bunch of witnesses from lying about what they saw happen? As shown in my previous example, it is very easy for someone to lie to themselves, to remember things falsely, or to be mistaken in thier own memories.

Memories are flimsy enough as it is, also say that a bunch of ponies round the corner and spot a guy pulling a knife out of somepony. They'll likely think they just caught the murderer redhanded but, as it turns out, he was just pulling the knife somepony else stabbed the victim with in order to save their life. By your admittance, because a lot of ponies saw what they thought was the guy murdering somepony, he would go straight to jail instead of the real murderer.

I may have missed it, but Pegasi still control the weather right?


Yes, but weather also flows naturally.


This question is hereby resolved, no matter how much you try and fancy it up, it's all the same.

When are we going to see children of Starla and Lighting?

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