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    Are we seriously doing this?

    I think it'll be cute. At least we'll do something together, right?

    With Red's chances of fighting, I doubt he'll play a game.

    What's that supposed to mean, Blue?

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Lloyd and Co. Gaming Blog - Episode 1: Paris Heist and Japanese Jamboree (Sly Cooper: Thieves In Time) · 12:44am Jan 18th, 2016

Are we seriously doing this?

I think it'll be cute. At least we'll do something together, right?

With Red's chances of fighting, I doubt he'll play a game.

What's that supposed to mean, Blue?

Do you recall the time during the Battle of the Bands you got beaten up by a girl?

I would've taken her, if Principal Celestia didn't confiscate my weapon.

You still lost, though.

Are we ready, guys?

Ready for action.

Roger, Sensei!

As I'll ever be.

All right everyone, let's get to work. Oh! Almost forgot.

Warning; this blog contains spoilers for certain video games that I play, reader discretion is advised.

All right, LET'S DO THIS!

The story begins as Sly Cooper makes his introduction about him, his family, and his business, although he considered himself retired, having him hang his mask and his cane he was enjoying life on the other side of the law. Approaching behind him was Carmelita Fox. She and Sly had a history together which has her chasing and locking him up. Then, he explained the current situation that she thought he had Amnesia... But, he didn't.

He didn't!? *Purple exploded*

Moving on, it was nice for them to enjoy each other's company which doesn't have a Shock Pistol in the mix. But as time went by, the old thieving instinct came back to him and he needed to pull a heist. Even though Sly is a Master Thief, he only steals from other thieves. So, that would be interesting, I wonder how things would be like if we had thieves steal from other thieves. But switching topics, It took him some time, but he found what he was looking for.

A Nighttime Statue Cleaner?


A Gardening Kit?


Is it a- *Purple felt something hard smash against his skull and fell down on the ground*

Back to sleep.

His target was an art collector that opened up a museum recently, but he had a feeling he smelled a rat. Reliable sources told him that this art collector was dealing with Black market antiques worth millions, so he felt that this guy should share the wealth. Sly was working on a way but somehow Bentley showed up, he was Sly's childhood friend during the orphanage where they grew up together stealing cookies, their very first heist. And since then, they've become friends ever since.

Oh! And even the part where Bentley had a girlfriend named Penelope who disappeared when she and Bentley were working on a top secret project and while he was looking for her, he noticed the Thievius Raccoonus' pages are disappearing so he quickly grabbed his gear and raced to Paris, then he had to find Murray, the third member in the trio cause he was the muscle in the group he saw Murray was driving in a race but he couldn't find sponsors cause of his high insurance premiums and went straight on to demolition and he remained undefeated. When Bentley showed up, Murray dropped everything to help him out especially when Bentley explained to him that his van was the key to the whole plan. While Carmelita was busy, Sly managed to slip away and the team in their old Paris hideout. Bentley told Sly and Murray that someone was literally erasing Cooper history. At that moment he revealed the best solution: Time Travel. It turns out that Bentley was inventing a Time Machine and he managed to fit it inside Murray's van and Bentley said that it would only work if it came from a certain era, they knew from the changes of the book so their first stop is in Feudal Japan. So they'll rob a priceless antique from a museum from the same case Sly was on, funny how things work out sometimes.

Goddammit, Purple!

Anyway, they start their job in Paris, we played as Sly Cooper to reach the Museum. On the way there, Bentley informs that security has been beefed up and has to make sure not to get detected by spotlights, or fall down to the road and Sly mentioned to Bentley was Truck-surfing part Murray's entrance plan. He informed Sly that he was to head to the back-alley, but instead, he hid on a truck. Then Sly mentioned to himself that he was a little out of practice. And after a few climbs later... We pick-pocketed the guard's key and took him down. Sly unlocked the skylight only that we saw were security lasers near the antique and now we get to play as Bentley. After a few sewer obstacles, we took out the nearby guards and started Bentley's hacking skills. After that, we now get to play as Murray. We played around with the controls a little, smashed all the guards, destroyed the laser system and as soon as Sly was about to send a calling card, Carmelita shows up and now she's gonna lock up Sly for good.

But the plan was in motion and there was no stopping now.

If by stop you mean driving in a van for a demolition derby and almost getting crashed by nearby objects, then yes, there was no stopping now.

Except those guards we killed.

Before they did the heist, they had to recruit their scuba-diver friend, Dimitri Lousteau. We played all three Sly cooper games, but that's another story. They handed the book to Dimitri cause it was irreplaceable and too risky to take it with them, so Bentley made a communication device to keep in contact with him in case of any changes to book. I sure hope they can fix it.

In my opinion this game is the best so far and I hope you all get a chance to play it, or if you're new to Sly Cooper, play the Sly Cooper trilogy collection.

They needed to locate Rioichi Cooper. Master Ninja, and Master chef. According to the book's history, he even invented Sushi and opened up a Sushi restaurant, the perfect cover for ninja.

But when they arrived something was wrong, instead of a peaceful village, it was a heavily patrolled military base.

They found his restaurant only that it was shut down and under guard. And now we learned that Rioichi was held up in a new high-tech security prison allegedly for serving bad sushi to the Shogun. We need to get some answers, and the best way to find out is getting Rioichi out of prison.

We took some recon photos of the armor the guards wore, the Imperial prison where Rioichi is being held, the Dragon Gates cause they might be important, Rioichi's Sushi Restaurant, and Bentley picked something up at the Geisha House, so we took a photo and coming out was a tiger smoking a cuban cigar. we took a pic of his ugly mug. From what he heard from Bentley, this guy is wanted by Interpol, a ruthless military general for overthrowing small countries.

But apparently, Purple decided to attack him, and we failed the job, we had to keep him tied down.

So we took some of the armor and used it as a disguise and rescued Rioichi and returned to the hideout got some answers, he confirmed that the source of his problems was a guy called El Jefe we learned from his Interpol file that he was a ruthless military general for overthrowing small countries usually for the highest bidder, he's a strategist of the highest order he even boasted he could take over a small country using three blind mice using plastic spoons. And according to his file, he mysteriously disappeared as soon the authorities were closing in on him, and now, we had found him and we need to take him down so the first thing to start off was Rioichi's sushi restaurant.

After we reclaimed his restaurant, and did a few jobs we focused-

We did a fishing job, snuck into Madame Geisha's house, stole her outfit and did a dancing mini-game, used the RC car to eavesdrop on El Jefe and we learned a lot of his guards are distracted by sushi, where he's hiding, how to open the palace gates to his statue fortress which are under the bridge, the switches to the Dragon Gates are inside the dragon mouths, and he needs to find Rioichi so he can deliver the package to his boss.

Continuing where Purple left off, we went to the geisha house again when El Jefe showed up and kissed Murray's hand disguised as Madame Geisha-


...When Murray stole some scroll he tossed it to Bentley and revealed to be some diagram of a cooper cane which I can't even read. We pickpocketed the guard's key and opened the lock on an mechanism to open the dragon mouths which shot fireballs and reflected them with the armor we had that came with a shield. When we reached the entrance Rioichi and the Cooper gang saw a blimp flying in the air, wait I'm pretty sure Japan didn't have blimps back then. We saw El jefe by the bridge and called out his guards so Sly, Murray, and Bentley distracted the guards while Rioichi went under the bridge and opened the gate, nothing can stop them now.

Especially when he took Rioichi's cane and left the scene, although we managed to pursue him and took him down and just when we were about to get his cane, we saw a smoke grenade and made a break for a ledge and now the rat guards from Paris took Rioichi's cane, and we saw someone using a blimp time machine and we couldn't get a glimpse of the guy's face.

They contacted Dimitri for an update on the Thievius Raccoonus and noticed that Tennessee Kid Cooper needed their help so they have to time travel to the 1880s A.K.A. the old west. Luckily, one of the guards that took Rioichi's cane dropped something that looked like a sheriff's badge, after they sampled the badge Bentley recalibrated the time machine, as they were making the jump to the old west, Sly was wondering how Carmelita was doing.

Yup yup!

Whelp, I think that's all the time we have for today.

At least we had fun.


For future reference, we should do these gaming blogs short and sweet as we comment.


Till then, Lloyd Shamrock...
Green JD...
Red JD...
Blue JD...
And Purple JD...

Signing off!
Signing off!
Signing off!
Signing off!
Signing off!

Next Time: Happy Trails In Dodge Junct-er, Cotton Mouth Bluff, Featuring Golden Flare, Devin, and Applejack.

El Jefe: "Im...possible." El Jefe fell to the ground he looked up and saw the blurry image of Sly was replaced with a boy with red clothing holding a sword and a gun.

Be a sport and grab daddy another beer, would you?


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