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    For no particular reason, I just feel like covering the MLP fandom's absolutely abysmal statistics in this regard.

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    Regarding Project Horizon Revision

    Right, so I got some replies on the prior one. And what most people seem to ask for so far, is that I just focus on what I apparently "un-fucked" in the original story. Mainly the 18+ content. (though tbh, I think some people are a bit harsh on it. Yes, most of it was bad, but it wasn't THAT awful. I mean yes, many of them are almost as bad as how K-Kat fucked up Fallout Equestria with the two

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Regarding Project Horizon Revision · 9:35pm Jan 17th, 2016

Right, so I got some replies on the prior one. And what most people seem to ask for so far, is that I just focus on what I apparently "un-fucked" in the original story. Mainly the 18+ content. (though tbh, I think some people are a bit harsh on it. Yes, most of it was bad, but it wasn't THAT awful. I mean yes, many of them are almost as bad as how K-Kat fucked up Fallout Equestria with the two massive plotholes. But that people seem to rather sweep under the rug, with no intent to even bother fixing...)

So, what I'm asking is in case people would be up for me doing a "½" chapter for more or less every chapter of PH. And with that, I'm also asking if people would prefer if I just did a short synopsis at the end/start of what the changes were in each chapter through author notes or something. OR, if I should try to weave it into the story?

As, I'm really considering to just write a clop fix revision. As it seems to be what most people want me to do. And it's also the only thing everyone seems to agree I do better than Somber. As the rest of the changes people are very split about whether or not it was an improvement, or fucked up the story further xD

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Comments ( 12 )

You're trying this shit still?

3733315 What do you mean "trying"? :P
Successfully done over 20 chapters, that has widely been said to be vastly superior than the originals. But only in the 18+ areas xD With most of the optional changes have been said to be shit.
Thus the need to revise those yet again. It's not much of a revision if I fuck up ½ the things I change xP

3734665 Well I mean. You will fuck it up, so.

3735296 Considering I so far has done a flawless edit (on the sexual part) according to every single fan that has read it, and asked me to write "½" chapters to compliment the apparent vast improvement. (as I only fucked up on the in-between bits) I'm not worried. Just gotta leave everything beside the 18+ content.

So, long as someone like you or a futa fanatic don't touch it, we should end up with a set of versions that close to everyone can enjoy. Bar the likes of you. But hey, your kind got no standard. So no loss there :P Satisfying 85+ % of all fans is more than enough for me.

3739656 Again, stories downvoted into oblivion...

3739801 Coming from someone whose own stories are downvoted into oblivion, that statement really holds no weight :raritywink:

The difference is that I hold Drop to a pretty decent standard given where it was written from, and the subject matter and artistic handling of the story. I hold no delusions of grandeur. I do not think highly enough of myself to make the pretense of piggybacking off the fame of an already established story by submitting it verbatim with "edits".
WYD and Shards display challenging concepts.
And I often go to bat against shitlord "authors" like yourself and MithrilMoth and have vehement opinions on certain members of our fandom and works crossed over with or discussed here. I'm willing to bet that the majority of my downvotes are simple backlash from retards running to Mithril's aid to avenge his disgraced honor.

3741454 No, you do not. As evident by prior behavior.
And yes, no delusions. I can clearly tell that by your "YOUR stuff is totally like, not good. But MINE are totally the shit, because stuff. And like, they're totally different, because I wrote them. With my own original universe and character, that in no way piggybacks on any fandom whatsoever!"

I have 0 need to "piggyback" of Somber, heck, I am probably more famous than them by word of mouth in general. But I digress. You probably think that "Burial at sea" was just a pretense filled hackjob, piggybacking on the success of Bioshock, just being a lazy edit. You don't even give a single shit about the story itself. Are you against patching glitches in games too or what? Fans have openly complained on the dozens of minor to major fuck-ups in the story. I listened to, and then answered those pleads. Asked, and got permission to fix the mistakes, but being told they'd never want the correct the original story. As they want it to be a reminder that they can do better. Had people response positively to fixing the issues. But got negative feedback on messing with the narrative flow. You're just an angry shitlord that throws tantrums without even checking 10-20 % of the info. I am REQUIRED to type in that it's a revision. And I even put my own name in smaller size than the proofreaders. But no, you can't even spend 5 minutes researching something, because you can spend that time bawling at something you don't even know jack shit about. Making yourself feel important, as "you showed them", when fighting invisible, made-up shiz.

And yes, yes. Of course. Your stories can't do anything wrong, and any downvotes HAS to be caused by some kind of trolls. As you in no way think too highly of yourself. Considering yourself infallible is by no means any grandeur.

>guy spends four years of his life writing a fic
>leaves the 1m word mark completely in the dust
>literally everyone's heard of it
>you think you're more famous
So if you're more famous where are your thousands of followers? You forget I've been around you doing this dumb shit from the beginning.
See, no, you're getting confused. What you're doing, following your allegory, is if a developer took the finished product game of another developer, "fixed" a couple bugs in the code that nobody was really bitching about, and then stamping your name on the finished product as if they were the one who made it.
I also never claimed to be infallible. There's a difference between using themes as a vehicle to tell a story, and republishing an abridged and amended version of someone else' work. Given that there's no feedback attached to the downvotes and the number of shitty people I go to bat against, yeah I am willing to bet that half of the downvotes are in retaliation for insulting the honor of another author.

3741576 In general word of mouth yes. Outside of the MLP, FoE fandom, barely jack shit knows who they are.
Though unlike you, I'm no trying to insult Somber's person. They are by far a "bigger deal" in said fandom. (even if many of his supposed core fans treat him like yesteryear's version of a game. Or act like "they know what's best for Somber".) But ask anywhere else, and people are far more likely to have heard of me.
And lets see... if I collect them spread throughout the different sites, I guess it is around a few thousand actually... but again, you're the entity obsessed with numbers and fame here ;P And if you actually have been here from the start of the fandom, and the start of when Somber started writing. I am even more flabbergasted over how you can be this dumb. Literally missing every single time Somber took my advice, and/or changed something in the fic accordingly. Or perhaps you're just jelly that I'm the only doing the revision, not you. Or that Somber took my advice, not yours. Perhaps if you were capable of giving good advice...

And you've been confused this entire time. You never listen, and constantly get hooked up on that I'm "snatching a product, and slapping my name on it!" when it's basically ex: "Heroes of might and magic III HD Edition" but no, according to you, that's not what they released it as. Despite that being the literal fucking title, and the original developers are still the big floating title. You claim that they named it "DotEmu's game of Heroes III" and removed 3DO's logo in it. And that they are selling it as it's own franchise. So do tell me why when I took the most common elements people bitched about were bad, fixed them, had people praise it was now way better, and doing the REQUIRED action of tacking a small side note in the end of a chapter, that I revised it, that it's such a huge fucking deal, despite that the proofreaders slap their names in there, sometimes twice per chapter.

If you had any kind of credibly proof. I could honestly buy that, considering the sheer number of butthurt crybabies that try to white knight their favorite scam artist I tend to run into every time I expose a hoax, or point out the flaws in something. Honest critics aren't liked. Unless they make some whimsical show about it, and put up a persona. So yeah, while having literally the same explanation to the number of downvotes to a majority of the content, I am quite certain you'll just gloss that over with the usual excuse of it "being totally different" ;P

3741707 Well I mean, a quick glance over to the right kinda underlines the difference. I'm not nearly at the level of autistic shitposting you're at.

3741707 Also, you forget that the removal of your revisions from this site were prompted when myself and other friends of Somber thunked our heads together. And it was revealed that he didn't know who the fuck you were. So. There's that.

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