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"Writers are vain, selfish and lazy." ~George Orwell

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3 years and some months (Dancer update) · 1:15am Jan 17th, 2016

Was when I started the Dancer. Wow I take a long time to do this stuff

Consider me back in the ponefic business, I actually had some fun writing for once. Might take a little while to get back into the kick of things, since I have no idea how good the quality is right now (half of the chapter was already written long ago and I just got into it a couple days ago), and I won't be spending time to carefully edit (I'll do a little bit) and get others to look at my stuff, but for now it looks like I've returned.


EDIT: I didn't tag the dancer, so I made a new blog post.
EDIT2: note that there is one chapter left for me to write, the "end" to the story. I have an X chapter to complement the IX chapter already written out, but the IX chapter is likely going to be a lot longer than the other chapters I've already written. It's almost over, folks!

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Author Interviewer

Welcome back, 'yapper' part of your name. :D

I see you play, or at least are aware of, the glory that is Undertale.

oh shit you're back lmao now i might actually have to write stuff too

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