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Spiral really has no idea what they're doing and they hope you like what you're reading.

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Very Little Interest · 3:43am Jan 16th, 2016

I've felt such a distance as of late. I suppose it happens when you haven't really been into a series after a while. Season 3 just really killed it for me, and what interest sparked in the show just hasn't been there anymore. I look at what I've written, what I want to write, and it's not coming to me.

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Well, maybe you want to have a more personal chat about what you want to do ? Because no one is making you do anything you dont want to. I am here not because of the show but because of your writings (independently if MLP themed or not). I really like your stories but I refuse to allow your series to be a burden. You seriously need someone to let out how you are feeling and what maybe should be your plans. Maybe its time to set some goals, both in and outside of the MLP fanbase. I care for this writer and his work, not for the show itself.
(if you want to maybe make this more private, you can private message me, I promise to not take long to respond).

Well, I love Dust and I love Ascent, so I really hope you keep at it, but yeah, I get how motivation can taper off. Here's hoping it comes back.

What do you want to write?

3689941 >>SpiralWriter
I know how it is to lose interrest in something i used to love.

For the last few years ive been in a pretty dark spot. Ive had to change jobs multiple times,which meant, i had to say goodbye to all my coworkers. Ive never been the most social person, so i didnt have the easiest time making friends in the first place, so it hurt even more leaving them behind. I tried staying in touch, but it got increasingly harder for me, just to text them once a week and say hi, and i had no idea why. Soon i called them only every other week, eventually the contakt broke off completely.

And my social life wasnt the only thing that went down. I usually spent most of my time online, watching youtube (mostly mlp). At first everything was fine, but then some of my favorite channels quit, and while i liked most episodes, some episodes didnt sit right with the fandom. Soon i watched episodes a week later, cause i feared that the episode COULD be bad.

Untill recently i had no idea, what was wrong with me. I liked the show, but couldnt bring myself to watch it anymore. Then i saw a gamegrumps vid where one of them mentioned, that he had had a similiar problem: some sort of cognitive association something.

Basically, the brain overdoes it, when it comes to linking memories together. Like, in the grumps video he (dont know which one) made the comparison, that he once had a girlfriend, who he used to ride bikes with, then they broke up, so now he cant ride bikes anymore, cause it made him depressed.

That made me realize, why ive been so misserable all my life. And now that iknow whats wrong with me, i can do something about it.

I cant stop my brain from connecting everything to random memories, instead i use it to my advantage. By connecting everything i experience to positive memories, i finally overcame my depression, and (most) of my anxieties.

Not only came i back in contact, with my old friends, i also can continue with all the stuff i quit, cause it was somehow connected to something bad from my past, ive got like 100 video games i never finished, for example, rune factory 3, which i played untill my dog died a couple of years ago.

I even found myself able to enjoy things i didnt before. Like, some episodes i genuinely hated. I now not only watch just the episode, i can now also enjoy the individual elements allone, by connecting them to my theories, or by using them as inspiration for fanfic ideas. I initially didnt like the first movie, but now i can enjoy it for how it utilized the elements cause it inspired my elements=triforce theory. I even managed to find something positive in my most hated episode: dragon quest, it gave me an idea for megapones diamonds in the buff series. I even enjoyed the episode with the chimera, because it made me realize, that aj is secretely the lion king2.

I know, this must sound like i want to get spiral back into the show, but as awesome as that would be, i just want him to be happy, doesnt matter if it includes ponies or not, thats why i dont want him him, or anyone to make my mistake. Ive kept myself from doing what i want to do for far too long.

Ive always had lots of ideas for stories, but only a few got actually posted, even thoug spiral, guilhermehank and many others liked them, i was always afraid, they wouldnt be liked. But now i dont care anymore what others think, i finally wanna do something. Sadly i still dont have any skill in writing, but i still can contribute by collab. So if spiral or anyone else is in need for some inspiration id be glad to help. I got dozens of ideas for stories in the rising moon and dust verses alone, even one that would allow a crossover without endangering either continuity. And if spiral isnt in the mood for ponies at all, i could still come up with ideas for any other setting.

Ive got vacation in the beginning of january, thats when i plan to finally get out some of my theories and fic-ideas. But since im on fimfiction nearly everyday, anyone can just pm me, ill respond quickly with all the cloudbras you could ever want.

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