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Shattered KIngdom Updates and Applications · 9:14pm Jan 15th, 2016

Hey everyone! For those of you still following me for Shattered Kingdom purposes, we've got a big (and slightly late) update! We've released a new demo! Yaaaaay!


Here is the post on our tumblr, which contains links to download for both PC and Mac Platforms! The demo is a playable version of our BronyCon 2015 panel with added content and functionality. Enjoy!

Furthermore, we're currently looking for new members in multiple positions, including writing! So, if you've ever felt interested in helping this project along to completion, here's your chance!

The writing application test has three parts. For the first part, you need to build a bio for an original character that would appear in the game. This character may be an NPC or one that would potentially join the player's party, but the important thing is to be as detailed as possible, and also to think about them in the context of the game. There is no standard format for the bio, include whatever you think is important.

For the second part, create an outline for a side quest that involves the character you created in some way, be it that they are the quest giver, or some other part of it. I should point out that we're putting an emphasis on reducing pointless quests that so many RPG's are known for. Remember, the player is in the role of an important military commander, not a paperboy or go-fer. That said, you'll get bonus favor points for making it a non-combat quest as well. Writing combat quests are simple and easy, we don't need to hire any new writers to make them. What we do want is people who can make even the non-combat portions of the game feel important and interesting. Also, keep in mind that the major areas for the game are expected to be Canterlot, the Crystal Empire, Manehattan, Ponyville and Stalliongrad, so try to keep the quests in the context of one of those areas, or somewhere else seen in the show, such as the Everfree Forest.

The last part of the test is for you to write a dialogue segment between your character and the player, with at least three branching sections. It's up to you if you want to make this related to the side quest; if you don't, please give some context as to when this dialogue would take place. I want to emphasize that this is dialogue for a video game, the more the player has to read before being given some sort of control, the less they'll be likely to actually read it. Try to convey as much information and personality in as little text as you can.

Once you are done, email your results to gremlingrenade@gmail.com by Saturday, January 23. After that point we will have applicants critique another applicant's work, leaving comments, suggestions and potential edits where they feel appropriate. Last, we will have the original applicants look at their critiqued work on Saturday, January 30 and edit their work based on their co-applicant's comments and suggestions.

Thanks for playing!

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huh so it's still in development , i'll be anticipating a full release in a decade then....

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