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mordekaiser displaced idea · 7:59am Jan 15th, 2016

mordekaiser song:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0deA1JUUZFQ
and mordekaiser lord:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bPODBYQgdxs
and aslo Did You Know? Mordekaiser:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gBG37OcN3yo

"the guy who cosplay Mordekaiser a fan of League of Legends and anime and he's favourites champions are Fiddlesticks,Jinx,Lee Sin,Mordekaiser,Shaco,Twitch and Heimerdinger and more and he go to comic con and he have a lot of fun and he go back to he's room and inside he room he see Nightfall (Mordekaiser mace) and he pick up the mace and he black out and now he in equestria and he wake up at discord ruled and now he's Mordekaiser and he meet discord and he help out him about wtf is equestria and other shit and both of them are jusk havein fun and become good bro (because discord use he's power to Spawn computer to play L.O.L with him and discord play teemo...a lot of time) and both of them are just fuckin around and sunbut and moonbut and turned them in to stone and after over 1,000 and the guy cosplay Mordekaiser he leave equestria but Before he left equestria to explore out outside of equestria he ask discord to put a Teleports spell on him in case discord plan fail and he is now outside of equestria he is ready to explore outside of equestria Before he start he's adventure discord Teleports on him and discord tell him plan fail and he nearly turned in to stone again and he taik to discord and he canvinced discord to go on a epic adventure and now is the beginning of Mordekaiser and discord epic adventure...

this is part of my idea of misunderstood humans other creatures and aslo part of getting out of alive

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Comments ( 11 )

There's a lot of stuff happening. I'm missing a bit of a purpose to all of it, though. The idea is also a bit on the edgy side.

I do not like to be to be a critic, but, I find it hard to follow and must also agree with Bad Dragon.

Comment posted by mrkillwolf666 deleted Jan 25th, 2016

3781997 hey i want to ask you something?....what do you think of my idea

I really like it, if it was made into an actual fic and not an idea I would give that fic a try without a second thought... wow I sound like a kissass

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