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Publishing Error · 3:50am Jan 15th, 2016

Hello! CyborgSamurai Habitual here! I had a bit of a mix-up on the publishing of Daring Do and the Amulet of Graveeda, so I wanted to make sure that everyone who favorited the fic knows about this.

When I was first bringing the story into fimfic (and before I'd submitted it for moderation) I created all the chapters and published them to get a sense of what the word count was like. I then unpublished them so I could release them periodically, as I didn't want to overwhelm my prospective readers. However, in doing this, I actually messed a few things up.

The way that fimfic works is that people only get notified of an updated fic when a chapter gets released for the first time. I had already released these chapters before the story's submission, and thus they weren't considered to be "new." This is why no one was receiving notifications about updates, and it's ALSO why the story wasn't getting any heat. It's kind of impressive that it still managed to get into the Non-Mature Feature Box anyway, and I can't help but wonder how high it would've gotten if I hadn't messed this up.

So yeah, my bad. The story is fully done. All of it is up and posted. If you haven't checked back on it because you were waiting for an update, there isn't going to be one because of my screw-up. Just go and read the story! :twilightsmile:

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Comment posted by Wild Zontars deleted Jan 15th, 2016

:twilightsmile: Makes sense.

I'll have to catch up. :pinkiehappy:

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