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ASK ME ANYTHING! · 4:27am Jan 14th, 2016

Because why not! :pinkiehappy: Let's see if I can actually answer everyone this time. Please stick to five or less questions though. :rainbowwild:

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What is the 2,795th digit of pi?

Why did you have to remove all of those stories?

Do you actually own a trampoline?

Who loves orange soda?

I have no real questions. Does that bother you?

3684856 arcane rules involving nervous advertisers. I'll blog about it more when I get around to making screenshots.

3684859 not particularly. Does my lack of rustled Jimmies upset you?


I second the middle question: Do you actually own a trampoline?

If not, what inspired the name?

3684856 I don't know who loves orange soda but I can't remember who but someone I once knew and probably still know loves orange cream soda
3684878 I don't own a trampoline, but maybe I should. They are after all fun and excellent exercise.

My in-universe answer is that I was very bouncy and full of life in my mothers womb. my out of universe answer is that I needed a name for my OC for a bat pony writing contest on equestria daily and name comes from my username for a mobile geostrategy game I was playing at the time called QONQR, and that came from an extension of the name of a keyboard-based Progressive pop group from the late 70s.

What is your favorite traditional mythological creature? (Anything "created" before 1900: Phoenix, Dragon, Griffon etc.)

Favorite modern mythological creature? (Anything after 1900: Pikachu, Gabumon, Ents etc.)

What fandoms are you most interested in joining that you haven't yet?

3685018 not so much joining the fandom, but I want to play undertale.

I little pony is honestly the first fantasy series I've been super into. actually, I guess that's not true I mean B4 this, i was into adventures time. I will have to think about what my favorite fantasy creatures are.

Author Interviewer

This means that I've been aware of your writing since the start of your career. c.c Wow.

3685243 and you're still aware of me in the Present. Perfect!

Also, this means I've had trouble with the story approvers from the get-go, since they wouldn't let me publish that story for a while since one of the chapters was an interview chapter but they saw it as being in script format so I had to add "he said" and "she said" to all the question-and-answers.

Author Interviewer


you should just take all your stories down and repost them on AO3 :(

(that was meant as a slightly-no-longer-relevant pop site culture joke)

3687210 Don'tchu know it's all about dat Pony Fiction Archive?!?!11?!1?!1

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