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"The Iron Horse" Chapter 30 is up! · 11:13pm Jan 12th, 2016

Just notifying everyone that the latest chapter is up. It's got a lot of history, a little world-building, and the Turing Test finally begins!

And, as a bonus for followers and longtime readers, how about a little puzzle? Check out the chapter and then come back here for a little bonus. See if you can make sense of this:

13 22 18 2 7 12 2 13 3 12 15 10

If so, drop me a personal message (please do NOT leave a comment with your guess). First one to guess it right gets a mention in the next chapter's author's notes. Extra bonuses if you can guess what it really means. But only one guess per person, so choose wisely. If you're really stumped, just remember to stay positive. :rainbowdetermined2:

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Comments ( 5 )

*Looks at tags*

#There are no hints in the tags

Damn it.

*Whistles* This is going to be interesting.

And I concede defeat on the code for now. It's a tough one! Though, truthfully, I might be overthinking it xD

Alas, I reread the chapter thinking it might have a clue. If it does I sadly missed it.

It seems I am unable to solve this code.



3712745 There are no hints in the chapter, but solving the puzzle will tell you something relevant to the plot in this particular arc. Of course, knowing that it's about this arc might help you take a guess as to what's in the message... :unsuresweetie:

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