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Horrifying Revelation · 7:47pm Jan 12th, 2016

I just had an attack of fridge logic. Consider what I did in my last three stories.

I took...

the simple,

the mundane,

and the unappreciated

...and I made them relatable. In other words, precisely how Trenderhoof describes his work. This is... well, I picked the blog title for a reason. Still, at least I've been on a farm without being charmed by the authenticity. The first thing I noticed was the smell.

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Comments ( 27 )

Hard not to notice a smell on a farm.

~Skeeter The Lurker

3681749 You get used to it after a while, which may or may not actually be a good thing, because if you spend enough time on a farm the smell has a habit of following you home...

It's not every day that one discovers that he's a unicorn. Or a hipster, for that matter. But what should we call you, then?

TrenderFan? FanOfMostAnyTrend? TrendErMostAnyhoof? The people must know!


No need to tell me, chief.

I'm a country boy, born'n'raised. Though, I've never worked on a farm.

~Skeeter The Lurker

I'd like to say that I don't want to call attention to it, but if that were the case, I wouldn't have made this blog. :derpytongue2: I'll get back to you.

So you're a hipster? *runs*

Still, at least I've been on a farm without being charmed by the authenticity.

No hot farm girl eating produce in an overly graphical manner, eh?

Or are you just too ashamed to admit that there was one? (With predictable results).

I'm such a hipster, even I didn't know it.


That's something I'd like to include if I ever were to do a HiE story: everything smells of horses! Now, they're quite neat and civilized horses, and they don't have the streets of Ponyville overflowing with horse dung, but still. For a typical urban American twenty-something dude, it would be a non-stop olfactory assault. (Spike, of course, would add a delightful aroma of sulfur, smoke and hot metal to the whole thing.)

3681902 Horses and ponies don't have that much of a natural scent if they stay bathed...

FanOfMostEverythingBeforeItWasCool is clearly the best of these. :rainbowlaugh: Simply amazing.

3681765 3681792
I think this is our best evidence yet that FOME is secretly cervine.



Edit: On the other claw, we should keep an eye out to see if the TRENDERHOOF GANG'S NAVY MOTIF shows up in the spring lineup, because that would be a compelling suggestion that FANOFMOSTEVERYTHING = DRAGON.

3681749 Yeah, that fish smell is awful.

Better then being obsessed with bad ideas, like I am.

Alas, no suggestive produce consumption took place.

Well, now that someone else has suggested the names, I obviously can't use them.

"Best evidence yet"? Is this a long-running theory of yours? Just because some users refuse to state their species doesn't mean we're all nonhuman.

Though my ponysona OC who I never use is a unicorn, which only compounds my horror.


Ah, playing it cool I see. :raritywink:

Well, the everyday has its charms.


Though my ponysona OC who I never use is a unicorn, which only compounds my horror.

Hipsterrrrr~ *waggles hooves*


When everyone is hipster, no one will be.

Alright, I don't get it.

Why exactly is this bad?


No one who writes a story entitled The Necromantic Adventures of Lyra Heartstrings can be said to obsessed with bad ideas. Especially not when you make Derpy Hooves an archlich.

Oh, come on, lots of people have unicorn OCs! The only reason people haven't heard of Thought Bubble is because I've only used him once, and that was an indirect reference by Twilight in The Implicit Neighs.

... So do we want that to happen or not? :rainbowhuh:

Mostly because it's an excuse to prompt silly discussions.

That story spawned from a spur of the moment thought while looking at this image, so I really can't call it 'good'. And, as for Ditzy... she's supposed to be a lich, but can't use any of the spells usually associated with them due to having no talent with it. Not to say she doesn't have a few benefits to being saturated with dark magic, they just haven't come up in story yet.

True. I still take great comfort in how I've neither stolen waffles nor gentrified a pizzeria. :raritywink:

3682627 Given that calling someone a hipster is now shorthand for STOP LIKING WHAT I DON'T LIKE, I would LOVE it if suddenly everyone and no one was a hipster.

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