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Sent It Back (Rating: Teen) · 5:02am Jan 12th, 2016

So, gg me.

I bought a graphics card (this thing) for about 570$ over Christmas (with shipping and stuff). Now, I have to send it back because I don't have the money to buy a proper 750w power supply for it. Once I get my money back (hopefully next week) I'm just going to by a GTX 960 and maybe upgrade my power supply.

If anyone's a computer junkie, recommend me a good power supply brand. I've read up on a few and a lot of people complain about noise or how a lot of brands break down after only a few months. I'd like one that lasts me a while and is relatively cheap. I currently own a 450w one, and I'd like to upgrade to 550 or even 600. Whatever works.

Thanks, if anyone responds.

ps: yes I'm a big dumb head for not checking the power requirements. Leave me alone, dad.

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Well EVGA has solid PSUs, Corsair, and Seasonic for brands that I definitely know of.

With a 500w PSU, you can get a Nvidia GTX 980 and run that. 600w and you can run a Titan X.

Well EVGA has solid PSU

^ That right there. I have an EVGA PSU in my setup and I've had no issues at all.

Corsair. Seasonic. EVGA. They've already been recommended, not sure if you already got it, but I'd go with those.

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