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I was born at a very young age, love pokemon, fnaf, and making my bros laugh, am awesome in every way, and am easily distracte

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My OC in fnaf! · 1:09am Jan 11th, 2016

Report I_Heart_Derpy · 138 views · #Fnaf #oc #art display
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3678100 that be freddy, and please do, I'll take care of springtrap

Oh! my!:heart:, My OC is single just in case your OC wanted to know.:raritystarry:

3678246 lol, my oc is so fugly, good one:rainbowlaugh:

3678293 No! She is hot!!!! Hearty loves that pose!

3678318 lol, that drawing makes her/ me look like an overweight chipmunk:twilightsheepish::rainbowlaugh: but thanks for the compliment.
What's with the name change?

3678350 "What's with the name change?" What do you mean?

3678366 you were brony at arms

3678409 Oh yes! brony@ he could not stand the strain poor fellow. He was no daisy and just had to go.

3678434 no! Fire just makes them mad! Use a hatchet!

3678467 look up ' die in a fire living tombstone' click the first one

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