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I was born at a very young age, love pokemon, fnaf, and making my bros laugh, am awesome in every way, and am easily distracte

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Hellew! · 3:49pm Jan 10th, 2016


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3676876 I finally got my kindle back!!!!!!!!:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

:yay:yay, we missed ya 3676888

3676890 Yaaay!!!! I threw up for fifteen minutes on the way to cook stew for the stew dinner!:pinkiehappy: I was so thankful, believe it or not, cause yesterday I chopped up around 200 potatoes, and the day before I trimmed and diced 90 steaks!:pinkiehappy:

3676909 stellar!!! Sup... bro? I'm sorry, I'm not following the oc.:rainbowderp::twilightblush:

3676914 I'd knew you would be slightly confused. :rainbowlaugh:Maybe this would help?

3676934 Makes sense now... broski? :moustache:

Hey! you're back! Welcome

Yo. How's it going?

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