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  • 76 weeks
    So I'm watching the premiere

    No, I haven't watched season 8. Yes, I am watching because Chrysalis, Tirek, and Sombra are back. Also, why was an eight year old in Tartarus, who made that decision?

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  • 122 weeks
    Making It Official

    I haven't been active on the site for over a year. I have occasionally checked in to see how everyone was doing, but I've barely gotten any writing done here. I know I left on a hiatus last year and said I might come back to the site one day, but that's looking less likely with every passing day.

    So, I'm making it official; I'm leaving.

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  • 171 weeks
    Day Of Remembrance

    A candle lit in remembrance of those who lost their lives to the Pulse shooting in Orlando.

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    I cannot...

    I really didn't want to make this post...

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  • 179 weeks
    Watched the premiere today!

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I am tired and I should go to bed, BUT FIRST, UPDATE ON THE SOMBRAPIE · 8:51am Jan 10th, 2016

So I wrote that fic I brought up a while back and while I am tired right now and I should probably get to sleep like five hours ago, I'm gonna share this with y'all cause I don't want y'all thinking that I'm skimping out on y'all.

Also this isn't a shipfic. At all. I think I might have hinted at it a bit, I don't know, I'm too tired to recall anything and I'll look at it with fresh(er) eyes tomorrow. Later on. Whatever.

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