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  • 1w, 5d
    National Mario Day

    So I'm watching CBS Morning Break and apparently it's National Mario Day, which they spent their coverage time playing Super Mario 3D World while chatting about the topic.

    So what was your first Mario experience?

    Mine was playing the original game (coupled with Duck Hunt lol) during those first five years when I was still in Florida. Then Super Mario All-Stars came along, and then I unexpectedly found SMB3 in the NES at the pre-school I went to.

    Also, I wonder if there will be a National Zelda Day next...

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  • 4w, 5d

    (Thanks to Henry101 for the tip-off!)


    You saw it here, folks! Season 7 hasn't even started yet, and they've already signed off on Season 8!

    The last time something like this happened, they confirmed Season 5 just as Season 4 was getting off the ground!

    (As in, around the time "Castle-Mania" aired, if I'm remembering right...)

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  • 11w, 3d
    Help A Pony Out!

    There's a pony in trouble! Hit the jump to learn more!


    Go here


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  • 14w, 6d
    John Herschel Glenn (1921-2016)

    Haven't heard the details, but all the same, Godspeed, John Glenn.

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  • 19w, 12h

    My friends.

    It is with great regret that I announce that last night, at the tender age of 240 years, 4 months, and 5 days, we have lost a dear friend.

    Her name was America. His name was Sam.

    She was a mother, he an uncle.

    They died of a toxin that found its way into them on June 16, 2015.

    This toxin has been identified by its effect on humans, which are well enough known that they don't need listing.

    Its name...

    ...is Donald John Trump. (Yes, that's what the J stands for. I was surprised too.)

    She survived Jackson, the Civil War, both World Wars, 9/11, and post-9/11 Bush.

    But she won't survive Trump.

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  • 24w, 6d
    Derpiboo.ru Deprecated

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  • 27w, 3d
    Patriot Day

    Celebrating abother year since In Memoriam was inspired.

    Feel free to read!

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  • 29w, 2d
    Mr. Gene Wilder

    I just learned of his passing from Alzheimer's complications.




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  • 36w, 9h
    And Of Course...

    ...something else happens that keeps me away from my ponyfic.

    I just cannot win against these big distractions, can I?

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  • 37w, 5d
    Undertale Fan Fiction

    So I started reading through the Undertale section of FanFiction.Net and read quite a few interesting stories.


    To ensure I would finish the job, I neglected a lot of things, like the Let's-Plays I was watching at the time, including my backlog of Ponyfic here.

    Sadly this included my notifications. I accidentally popped in a while back and saw I had some notifications. None of which were still around, since it had been more than a week.

    As you know, unread notifications are purged after a week since by then you're probably not coming back.

    So yeah, if you commented on my user page, replied to one of my comments, or commented on the ONE story I published here, and you are reading this now...

    Sorry I didn't get it.

    So yeah, I'm back now. Not doing that again.

    I mean, first I just had the filter so I'd only read stories written in English, then I gave up on that and added the character tag for a character I was interested in (not saying who) and then waded through THIRTY-FIVE pages of stories, the majority of which I did NOT read, and only finished leafing through Page 35 about an hour or two ago.

    This included going back to Page 1 to make sure I didn't miss stories, in case one was interesting.

    So yeah, again, not doing that again.

    Those notifications could have been important, and now I'll never know what they were.

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  • 42w, 1d
    Yet Another Memorial Day

    Need I say more?

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  • 50w, 2d
    Faith In Humanity Increased

    Here is a link to an image of someone being fucking awesome. Please repost it all the fuck over FiMFiction so ponies can see how fucking awesome humans can be.

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  • 50w, 5d
    So, I Found A Thing...

    This really resonates with Mugen's character, so please, feel free to re-read In Memoriam once again with the lyrics in mind, telling yourself that they are about him.

    Should help with what I wanted to do with the story.

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  • 55w, 5d
    CFP's "Can You Tell The Difference?" Ad

    Anyone else see that and imagine Vinyl Scratch doing that?

    Hit the jump for the ad itself.

    I've always wanted to say "hit the jump"

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  • 64w, 2d
    "In Memoriam" Has Received Some Useful Edits!

    If you want to see for yourself, just click the links to the story on the page!

    Thanks to MyHobby, who showed me an interesting bit of code work he used in a story I'm reading, which allowed me to move the story notes out of the A/N and into the relevant sections of the story itself!

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  • 68w, 2d
    That Interesting Moment When You Realize...

    ...that the way Starlight Glimmer was flying in the S5 finale is EXACTLY how you imagined your own Unicorn OC flying for the past four years.

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  • 79w, 5d
    Patriot Day Is Here Again...

    And I was up holy-shit late last night, plus you all know the drill, so I'll just tag it and let you get on with it. :ajsleepy:

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  • 85w, 1d
    Dear Princess Celestia...

    Today I was reminded that there are those in our world who are truly more monstrous than any beast or creature out there, with their corruption and judgment.

    One of my contacts, Mr. Warlorn, shared with us a confession*

    * The blog post itself was deleted, so I've edited the link to lead to the follow-up. -Mugen
    from a pony he is close to.

    This pony confessed the darkness of their past and how it has ruined their life, and how all Equestria is likely to view them as little more than a monster.

    It is imperative that we do what we can to save this pony from the flaws of our world. For what are we as guides and friends if we cannot save even one from the corruption of our society?

    Sincerely yours,

    Mugen Kaizell Inexplicabilis Kagemaru

    Viceroy Endless Dream

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  • 87w, 2d
    Story Idea Up For Grabs

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  • 95w, 3d
    Memorial Day Has Come Again

    Please take the time to share In Memoriam wherever you can.

    And I hope the same will happen in September as well.

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(You were expecting a story? Yes? Then begone. This is just an explanation. Most of you probably noticed some in-character mentions of a war my OC fought in, and wondered about it. Well, I figured I'd shed light on some of it. Not all of it, for my own reasons, but enough of it.)





> SilByrd3


> *********************************************************************************



> History > Existential History > Major Events > End of Days(2) > Yahweh L. Shaddai > Final War


> y


db\:>display file "FinalWarSummary.rtf"



> y



And so it was that the virtuous forces, having shown their unwavering faith in our Most High God, Yahweh L. Shaddai, met on the field of battle many times against the doomed, wicked armies of Lucifer Ha-Satan, who would plunge all worlds into an eternity of sin and vice.

The top generals of Our God's forces were the Six Princesses, [DATA CORRUPTED] and Rhyter A. Blooddeath(3), as well as their brother and Lord, High Prince Y-sh-a M-s-ia- (4), and last, but by no means least, Princess Rhyter's close friend, who once commanded the C-le-t-al  -e-ce--ep-rs and the A-ur- K-ig-t-oo-  against the Lucifer's foul forces, Kaizell Ventus(5), known through history as [DATA CORRUPTED] but, as of this entry, answers to the name "Mugen K. I. Kagemaru" and is the holder of the title of "Endless Warlock" as of his victory over Bernkastel The Tormentor.(6)


------ stalemate ------------


-- of "Operation Desperate Strike" as a way to end the War.

FILE DISPLAY COMPLETE. RELATED FILES: "OperationDesperateStrike.rtf"

db\:>display file "OperationDesperateStrike.rtf"


"Operation Desperate Strike" was, and still is, the designation of the near-suicide mission undertaken at the end of the Final War at the End of Days.

The mission objective was simple. A two-person team would infiltrate Hell and attempt to at least decisively cripple Lucifer's forces, and, if possible, attempt to Eliminate Lucifer Ha-Satan himself.

It was discovered that, outside of Our God and His Beloved Son, one other possessed the capability to strike down Lucifer if able.

Mugen Kaizell Inexplicabilis(7) Kagemaru.

Many expressed disappointment, either at not being the one who could end the War, or at it being Mugen. Others rejoiced that someone like Mugen could bring the suffering of the War to a final end. Mugen himself refused to comment, claiming that he did not wish for the revelation to go to his head.

His selected companion was his close friend, Princess Rhyter A. Blooddeath, and they soon departed with the Blessing of Our God.

In hindsight, we should have sent Our High Prince with them. Perhaps the tragedy that struck might have been averted.

Mugen succeeded in striking down Lucifer, but at great cost to his own ability. A thought-to-have-been-Eliminated enemy, Jacob Bailey, [DATA EXPUNGED], returned [DATA EXPUNGED], and sought to bar their progress. Our Fair Princess accepted his challenge, so that Mugen could press onward to the confrontation with Lucifer. After Lucifer had been struck down, Mugen had depleted much of his stamina and power supply. |||||||| ||||||| chose then to elude Our Fair Princess and attack Mugen while his guard was down. Our Fair Princess caught up with and Eliminated him, but the damage was done.

Mugen's soul was lost that day. The loss destroyed Our Fair Princess, who carried his blade back to Her Father. It is enshrined to this day in Our God's Temple, in memory of his sacrifice and his unrivaled valor even when the opponent was Fate itself at work.

And so the Final War at the End of Days came to an end, though its terrors were far from ov


<EndlessMagic> And just what do you think you're doing, hacking into my TARDIS, hmm? I don't think so. -MK



<EndlessMagic> Do this again, and I will not be as merciful. Go ahead, test my restraint. I'm already angry enough that you broke in. -MK

Chose to write this from the perspective of a scribe of sorts, so excuse the allegedly religious gushing at some points.

This took a while to write. From the get-go, I decided to have Mugen interrupt the feed to scold the reader for accessing his ship/home's databank without his consent, so no, I did not just give up on it. Still, half the things I covered here I didn't think about when I drafted this in my head while sitting on the pot once I'd gotten off work.

(1) Credit to Square Enix for their RPG masterpieces Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross, from which the names and year shown in the header originated.

(2) Credit to the makers of "There Will be Brawl" which was where I got the term "End Of Days" from.

(3) This OC belongs to my close friend, who uses her character's name as her username, and credit for her creation goes to her.

(4) Three guesses who the High Prince is. The first two don't count if you're of Abrahamic faith.

(5) "Kaizell Ventus" is pronounced "kai-zhel vwen-tuss"

(6) Credit to Ryukishi07, creator of Umineko No Naku Koro Ni, for Bernkastel, though her name "the Tormentor" is an original one (far as I know, anyway).

(7) Latin FTW though I personally prefer German.

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A recommended BGM when you read the files. Though, when it starts skipping and fading, that's the end, so... :pinkiehappy:

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I am happy for you.

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XD oh snap, yo XD

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