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  • Monday
    Thought of the Day

    Do you think that soft rock and smooth jazz musicians know that their recordings are most likely to be played back in horrible quality over the phone while people sit on hold and wait for the next available representative?

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  • Sunday
    I'm not typically a Eurobeat guy...

    ...But this is really good.

    Makes me want to go drifting, and I don't even know how!

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  • Saturday
    Updated Battlestation

    No, I'm not streaming yet. Wondering if I want to do so on a semi-regular basis.

    And this little guy came in two days early!

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  • Friday
    Well, they've got four months to un-fuck their shit.

    • Get invited to six previous test flights for Master Chief Collection PC
    • Don't get invited to Halo Infinite Tech Test.
    • Instead read about how 343's server infrastructure is absolutely fucked despite it only being a limited number of invites and not an open test.

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  • Wednesday
    Sonic 30th Anniversary Sale on Steam

    Alright, it's a month late, but whatever.

    Sonic 30th Anniversary Sale on Steam, here are the crazier deals:

    Sonic Mania $1.99
    Team Sonic Racing $3.99
    Sonic Adventure 2 $1.49
    Sonic Generations $4.99
    Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed $4.99
    Sonic CD $1.24
    Sonic 1 $1.24
    Sonic 2 $1.24
    Sonic 3 & Knuckles $1.24

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Homework · 9:41pm Jan 9th, 2016

Now excuse me while I go have my fill at a buffet down the street.

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That's sexy and adorable.

...excuse me while I take insulin.

Sunset Shimmer is too sexy for her own good. Twilight is definitely hittin' that.

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