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2016 Story Plans · 9:05am Jan 9th, 2016

Happy New Year, all!

So I've managed to be pretty productive over winter break here, haven't I? Sorry about that six week absence back in the Fall, I had some issues with my right forearm that I was trying to get under control. I'm still seeing a doctor about it, but it's seeming like a minor issue, fortunately.

But yeah, on to other things. I'm not exactly the most prolific blogger, as you all might have noticed by this point, but I felt it would be cool to show some of you what I have planned for the coming year. My buddy Megapone was kind enough to give me some advice on scheduling, and I've managed to make a pretty coherent plan based off of it. I won't go into TOO much detail on what I have coming down the pipeline (gotta keep that hype train rolling) but I figured giving you all a sneak peak wouldn't hurt.


-I will be alternating between releasing chapters of Fecundity and writing other pieces so I don't get burnt out on anything. I am very fond of Fecundity, and would like to see it completed. I'm going to take my time with it and make sure it's done right.

-Fecundity is going to be 30 chapters long, and will average 1-2 chapter releases a month. The upcoming chapters will be holiday themed.

-I am going to be doing another collaboration with Bother after Chapter 11 of Fecundity. It will be based off of two snippets that he currently has in his pastebin.

-There will be a short clopshot based off of this picture, drawn by the very talented Patch. Unfortunately I can't give a link to his tumblr because it's NSFW, but I'm sure you all can find his stuff if you look around. He was even kind enough to make a SFW version of the pic for me! What a nice guy, eh?

-After those two oneshots, I'll be starting work on a new multi-chapter piece that I've wanted to write for a long time. It is going to be an unbirthing fic, and it will feature Celestia and the Mane 6. It will be seven chapters long.

-After all of THAT, I will be working on a 3-Chapter long TF fic that focuses on Spike and Rarity. The fic will essentially be about an outside force changing them so that they're compatible with each other in all things, including age, species, size, and ability to reproduce. Needless to say, sexytimes ensue.

-Lastly, I probably won't get to it this year, but in the off chance that I'm REALLY productive, there's a final story I want to start work on down the line. It's a tie-in to Fecundity, and it concerns Twilight and a certain other pony (who isn't in the story yet but will be very soon) and their involvement in the fabled B.R.E.A.S.T.S. program. It'll be about a 7-10 chapter story, and I actually already have a series of pictures to go along with it. It should be fun when I get to it.

-So essentially, what I have planned for the year looks something like this.


Annnnnnnnnnnd that's about all I have planned so far! It's extremely unlikely that Fecundity will be finished this year, but considerable progress will be made on it. I'd like to get to be in the chapter 20-25 range by December pending that life isn't a bitch, but we'll see how things go.

That's all I got for now, horsefuckers! Thanks for reading my silly stuff, and I hope you enjoy what I have coming up!

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Comments ( 2 )

I am going to be doing another collaboration with Bother after Chapter 11 of Fecundity. It will be based off of two snippets that he currently has in his pastebin.

If its the series I hope it is. I hope you can give it a nice spin and polish.

But thank you for a lovely heads up on everything.

Twilight Sparkle levels of scheduling

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