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hi im steven i like mlp Fnaf pokemon and anime MLP is cool case of the colors

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    I'm going to try and do a Q&A

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Q&A · 4:57pm Jan 7th, 2016

I'm going to try and do a Q&A

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Fav pony?

3670429 A: hmm All of them there all my fave

3670451 Fair enough.

If you could tell one thing to either Celestia or Luna what would it be and to who?

For the purpose of this question you can go to any moment in the cannon universe. (You will be Discord so take that into consideration.)

3670520 A: well if u said i was Discord then i would tell them i'm sorry and leave then i'll use my powers to hellp people

To which of the two will you say you are sorry? And at which point in time?

Also while you are Discord for the duration of the conversation you return to Earth right after you stop speaking.

If you want you can change what you say now that you have all the information.:scootangel:

3670526 To bolth while in the between the night and day

I was referring more to if it was before or after the reformation since if its before then you will probably run Celestia and Luna mad trying to not feel guilt over what they did and always wondering if perhaps they could have reasoned with Discord.

If its after the reformation then it will probably make them run in circles trying to figure out what the buck you did that you actually apologized for it. Unless if its after Tirek then they might feel that awkward moment when they feel they are bullying a child for doing something wrong which was common knowledge for them but they forgot to teach the child.( Like not crossing the street on a red light.(Actually saw this a few days ago with I think a 3-4 years kid and his father.)):scootangel:

3670562 I was meaning when i did something bad and hert them

Well you have to say a point in time when your using the main show as a guide line. And do you mean hurt both of them at the same time because that leaves you with Tirek and before he became a stone statue as far as I can figure from the show.

Well please share your thoughts if you feel like it.:scootangel:

3670594 yes i do and also if i upset them

Next question since I am not sure if you would indulge in the other one any longer.

Q:Will you? Or rather do you plan on writing a story or have some concepts for stories which you might write in the future?:scootangel:

Final question.(From me)

Q:What's your favorite non-Action anime of 2015 (If we include action I am pretty sure its going to be One Punch. MLP doesn't count as anime for this question.)

My favorite in this category was Shokugeki no Soma

3670630 A: sorry i really don't know i'm sorry:fluttershysad:

What's your favorite song?
Your awesome
What's your favorite movie?
What's your favorite show?
What's your favorite food?

3670894 A: 1. Five night at freddys 2. thx you to 3. any pokemon movie 4. any anime 5. french toast

French toast for the win! French toast is my favorite food too XD I like Pokemon too :3

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