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I'm back... wait what year is it? · 5:30pm Jan 6th, 2016

Sooo yeah. Hi. Long time no see. Posting this blog to inform you that the next chapter of Loneling's adventures is almost done, and to give a quick explanation for the small delay (fuck me sideways it's been half a year already).

As I said in my last blog, the place where I was working at was having some difficulties, the number of workers completely inadequate, making us work crazy hours to stay afloat. I thought it was just some hiring issues, but no. It was more serious than that. Place went flop. Let me tell you, unemployment sucks donkey balls. For the rest of the year I took any opportunities I could find, mostly working as a replacement. Friendly advice, never work a temp job as a post man, it's hell having to memorize all the occupants of dozens of buildings, only to change sector just as you finally did. Still have flashbacks when I go see the mail. Then a bunch of lunatics terrorized my home city, friend almost got killed, lost all hope for a while, and my cat kept puking on my carpet. All in all, 2015 can go to hell.

Which brings me to 2016: right now I'm studying to enter a formation that will give me more interesting job opportunities, and things are looking up. One of the things I want for 2016 is to release new chapters regularly, and since I'm happy again it should not be a problem. Loneling, Sonata, a one-shot about Rarity and a non clop story should be incoming.

Speaking of Loneling, I have almost finished a definitive draft, and for now it sits at 16,984 words. Don't even know how long it will be once I'm done revising it. Which brings me to my question: I feel that 17k words is way too much for a single chapter, especially in a clopfic. So I will probably cut the chapter in two: one part will have mostly story, and the other will have the smutty goodness. So don't be surprised if the next chapter is clop free. But I usually dislike when clopfics have chapters without clop, so I'm hesitating. What say you? Leave it in one big fat piece, or cut it in bite sized slices?

Tl;Dr: Shit happened, things are better, writing again, do you think that publishing a chapter without clop in a clopfic is acceptable?

Thanks for you patience, and sorry for the wait.

Comments ( 34 )

Hey I like the universe created and some story behind the clop always makes the actual clop better I feel.

Also Good Luck with 2016!

I'd recommend cutting it up, so long as the clop follows swiftly after. :rainbowwild:

I have high hopes for 2016. At the very least it will be fun to watch the US elections for the other side of the Atlantic: it's like seeing Senator Armstrong from MGS Revengence in real life, and he's winning! Without nanomachines even.
I think I'll release them at the same time, wouldn't be fair that my first chapter after 6 mouth be an incomplete one. Also I'm approaching the 19K words now... This is getting out of hand.

Thanks for the answers!

3668511 I'm their next door neighbor so it makes me a bit scared D:

But doesn't change the fact it's funny though xD

I think it is perfectly fine to have a clop-free chapter every now and again. It helps reset the, uh... tension levels. Both dramatic and sexual tension.

3668511 I'd rather have Armstrong personally.

A clop fic with a no clop chapter is always a good sign of a story with a plot.

I think cutting up would be better, besides the story is great! Clop or not


a bunch of lunatics terrorized my home city

...you live in France?

I just don't want to disappoint people that read clopfics mostly for... "'solo sport". But if people are also interested in the plot, this makes things much easier. Thanks Sleepy!
Even if it's mostly dumb jokes and a crap ton of innuendos? Hope so, cause I'm pretty sure I went overboard on this one.
Will definitely cut in half then, and I'm very happy you like the story so much!
Well I don't know, I'm pretty sure Trump is crazy enough to match Armstrong. Mark my words, if he's elected, war will never be the same again. Metal gears everywhere I swear.
Yep, grew up in Paris before moving out, but parents and childhood friends still there. One of the many reasons 2015 was horrible: 5 terrorist attacks in France, and so many more in the world.

If it's that long I'd say cut it up into three pieces. 3-7k words is the ideal chapter length imo.

I agree, I usually try to stay around the 7K words limit, but I'm obviously out of practice. For now part 1 is 8,834K words, and part 2 is 12,696K. Keeping in mind that part 2 is mostly a big, multi stage sex scene. I said before that writing clop was like writing a sword fight, so this might be the smutty equivalent of Anakin vs Obi-Wan in SW episode 3: way too long, completely bonkers and ending with someone left behind in a sex/lava pit.

I'm scratching my head to see how if I can cut down most of the unnecessary stuff, but I don't know if I can cut it in three in a coherent manner. Will see what I can do.

3672124 Hey an ideal is just that, an ideal; while you should shoot for it, you shouldn't miss and shoot yourself in the foot instead. Let the chapter be long if it needs to be <3 If the chapter is that crazy, I don't think you should trim it. Though if it's multi-stage it might provide a useful break point to split the chapters?

Well I could easily cut part 2 in 2, length wise, but pacing wise I don't know if I can do it really well. I would have to add a transition segment at the very least... I'm rereading it, and I don't see where I could cut it without it feeling like a needless interruption, or warrant its own chapter. Yeah, I think trimming it down is the solution. Maybe I'm being too anal over a simple smutty story, but I'm the type that will try to polish a turd until it shines.

I'll just have to do better for the next chapter. :twilightblush:

3672162 Only trim it if you have to!

Revving my chainsaw as we speak.

Ps: chapter 2 is now 12,744 long... Word count went up... :twilightoops:

3672167 Well of course it went up, the chainsaw was invented to assist with childbirth :P

Also I have done the thing with working as a government post office temp-basis.
I had exactly the same problem. Just enough time to finally memorize things and than you get put somewhere else.

Here's a useful metaphor for what I meant about tension :
Think of breaking up chapters that are too long into segments like the stages of a rocket going into orbit. The first booster rocket story fires up, finishes, and ejects off the back end.
There's a plateau of 'hang time' before the next rocket fires up.
The climb continues with the next rocket part, etc.

Cut into many chapters where you think the 'hang time' belongs.

That's actually are really nice metaphor, I'll probably use it in the future.

And it highlights the problem with this chapter: part 1 is all about the plateau you speak of, it sets things up between the two stages of the story. But part 2 is just one looong action piece that cannot be cut down without breaking the pace. I'm sure if I had more experience I could do it better, but for now I don't see where I can fit hang times in it without it feeling superfluous. So part 2 will stay at... 13,907 words... Never hire me to trim your lawn, you'll need to buy a machete to find your house again.

Oh yeah, and in my great wisdom I cleaned up part 2 before doing part 1, cause I'm smurt like that. Think I will be finished by tomorrow.

Can you put a few snippets of sexytime foreshadowing in the first part and cut into pieces right after that mini-thrill?
I don't know, like maybe a side bit like a camera shift to some background characters having fun in a bush trying to keep quiet while the main storyline is in the foreground? What if they heard plot related things but misunderstood them? They finish with each other, chapter end. Second half of your long first part begins as another chapter.

Would that work?

And if your chapter two is non-stop action and too long, try to find something like a mini cliffhanger and separate at that point. Main characters come to realize something important suddenly, a light bulb turns on over head, cut to next chapter. Or something kind of scary happens, a character has a "holy shit" moment, cut to next chapter.

Well when I say that the first part is story, it didn't include a lot of sexual situations. It's just not the focus. I'm telling the story of a perverted changeling that thinks that a handshake is just as good as taking your dick out and proposing sex, after all.

Also speaking if background characters having fun while the main action takes place... Remember when I talked about a sex pit? Actually... Oh crap that gave me an idea for next chapter! I was wondering how I could include her, now that the story shifted so much, and you just made me think of the perfect way. That poor, poor pony, almost escaped my smutty story.

I'll see if I can use this idea to break up the chapter; the problem is I don't want to put two chapters that are about the same scene. Feels like padding my chapter count, even if it's not the case. But at the very least I have an anchor for next chapter.
Thanks a bunch!

I don't like not getting clop when I was expecting it but if you have a story to tell I think you should do it.

And that's why I'm going to try and release both parts in the same day (later if all goes well). That way people can choose to skip the non-smutty part.

Cool, glad I could help at least indirectly.

When you said "perverted changeling" it made me suddenly question if he truly is perverted. Because his home society considers that behavior perfectly normal. He's only acting the way that he was brought up to act, and is perplexed why everything he was brought up to believe in is suddenly considered taboo.

I just never thought much before about how the concept of perverse behavior is a relative social construct.
So this means your story is really about erotic culture clash, isn't it?

Yep. There is a french movie I really love, called "Un indien dans la ville", about a little boy from an amazonic tribe visiting Paris. It's full of tropes about culture clashes and misunderstandings. This story might be seen as taking the same idea, but focused on sex.

So this raises an interesting question :
What would be considered "perverse" to the Loneling's perspective?
Maybe eating food?
Live childbirth?
Using a toilet to dispose of strange bodily waste substances?
Complex and independent thought? (Which would make Loneling a deviant LOL)

Imagine an opposite-world version of this story where a pony goes into a small changeling hive and innocently does some things that disturb and disgust the residents!

I always saw changelings, or Chrysalis at least, as the most sexual creatures in MLP. This is based purely on headcanon, of course, but their similitudes to insects push me to believe that changelings are more in tune with their instincts than ponies. Also they can be super freaky with sex. Have you seen all the way insects have found to multiply? It's a gold mine of breeding techniques!

So yeah, I don't know how you could offend a changeling when it comes to sex, since in my mind they would be ready for anything, since it's in their nature to adapt.

Also, it's fricking 2:40 in the morning, and I'm still not done revising part 2. I swear I'm going to fall asleep on my keyboard.

and my cat kept puking on my carpet. All in all, 2015 can go to hell.

yeah that's one of the things i had to deal with all year as well , and it's not even my cat that's doing it it's my sister's....

Is it a long haired breed too? Cause mine is a norwegian mix, so it's always coughing up furballs. Most of the time just after having eaten, so it's extra gross. Worst thing is he always pukes in stages, so it's like playing minesweeper.

3681150 it's not really short hair so yeah i guess , that does sound worse than mine though , since it doesn't appear to be any furballs that it's throwing up , just globs of mess....

BUT HEY , once a couple years ago when i was living in another place with the family and i was alone with the cat , i noticed it looking behind one of the bookshelves suspiciously and when i came around to investigate i caught her red handed taking a medium dog sized shit inside on the floor , the look it gave me when i caught it was fucking priceless though , it fucking knew what it was doing and i watched it do it , and then outside it went and i had a new cleanup job hahaha sigh.....

puking ins stages sounds interesting though , how does that turn into minesweeper?....

Because when you've just woken up and there are piles of puke all over the floor, there is a good chance you're going to step on it. And when he does it on my brown rug, they are fucking invisible. Yucky landmines I tells you.

3681639 wow , now that's shithouse lolol....

Nah, that would be my friend's house with his golden retriever. Thing is always getting poop stuck in his fur, and he ends up scooting his butt all around. Even in the gross department cats are better than dogs.

3681648 wow that's bad , but my sister's cat also has that problem sometimes when it doesn't shit properly or something and has huge blogs of shit stuck to his ass and the amazing part is SHE WONT CLEAN IT OFF when she does , like there's been times where it wanted to come in , but it's ass was shit so im like fuck no and kept it out , and i'd make it clear that i'd check n sniff it's ass and tell it to clean it , but it wont clean it , for more than a week it will just have sit on it's ass and wonder why im not letting it in , it's soooo fucking dumb -.- .....

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