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Announcements, New Contributor Needed, and the Review Team · 7:58am Aug 19th, 2012

(Speaker: Bronymaster)

First Order of Business: Announcements

First of all, the crap ton of announcement that you guys probably received. I think you guys got about... 134 to be precise, but It doesn't matter. To start off, I'd like to say I'm sorry for that, but it had to happen.

You see, earlier today, we had a sudden change in folders. For quite a while now, Folders had neither totally appropriate names nor were they in any particularly good order. Since I can’t move folders around, I had to replace them. This also meant moving a LOT of fics from one folder to another. Again, we are sorry, but it had to happen.

Second Order of Business: New Contributor Needed

Recently, TyrellTheDragon stepped down as Thread Monitor in our group, so now we are lacking a thread monitor. We need a replacement. Here is the information required should you be interested:

As far as Thread Monitor position goes, you would be required to:

1.) Constantly monitor your assigned group threads to check for Rule breaking of any kind.
2.) Be active (if applicable) to your own assigned Threads.
3.) At the end of every week (Saturday), you will be required to send me a thread report. This thread report must detail:
A) Who has been most active. (Preferably, I’d love individual thread data, but it is not required.)
B) Has overall active gone up or down since last week. (Again, I’d prefer individual thread data, but again, it is not required.)
C) Any common trends amongst comments
D) Miscellaneous information you feel worth reporting (Let’s say none of your threads received any comments, or that they received a ton of comments. Give me your reasoning on why you think this happened and how to fix it (If there were none) or how to keep it going (If there were a lot and it is not just a one-time thing we did).

Now, preferably, I’d love statistical data regarding all these things (After all, numbers are something I work quite well with), but, like individual thread data, it is not required.

As far as what threads you’ll be monitoring, you’ll be working with our Recreational threads. (Tyrell used to work on the Group-oriented threads as well, but seeing as that is our job (Referring to us admins), I decided not to make it part of the job this time around)

Recreational Threads:

Jokes and Puns
Inspirational Music
Inspirational Quotes

This is actually the fewest amount of threads that any of the thread monitors have to look at.

If you are interested, just shoot me a PM detailing why you think you would be good for the job, any past experience, etc.

Whether I accept you or not is another thing. If I don’t respond to you within 24 hours, then you have probably not been accepted.

Third Order of Business: Clarifying a now-changed group feature

I think a lot of you will remember back when I attempted to clarify the group’s “Review” and “Critic” features, no? Well, recently, I made a few changes to it.

First of all, as some of you will remember, I mentioned three steps in the review process. The first step was the “Review team”. Once it passed the review team, it went on to the “Critic team”. IF it passed that team (and only two stories have so far), they would move on to us admins, who would judge it at a near-EqD level. Recently, I decided to simply remove this third step in the process. It is simply too much work, and it’s not really all that useful.

So yes, the process has been shortened down to only two steps.

Now, last time and even up until now, people have continued to show confusion at how this whole process works and, with the new change, I think it’s time I try my absolute best to explain this to you step by step. For our project, I’m going to tell it in the mindset of Random Author. He will be helping us with this demonstration. Say hello to the nice people, RA.

RA: Hello there!

Now, let’s get started, shall we?

So, Random Author (RA) has recently finished his first ever story! (Hooray!) Now that he is finished, he realizes that he never really got any real critiquing from the comments left on it (Or he did, but he wanted more cause he loves feedback). He really wants some opinions on what he has written, so he decides the best thing to do is send it in to the Author Support Review Team.

First thing’s first, RA heads on over to his story, scrolls to the bottom of it, and clicks the “Add to group” button. Scrolling through his list of groups, he see us, and our five current Folders. Taking a moment to look over them, he realizes there are only 3 folders out of the 5 that he can add his story to(He is only a regular user, not a Contributor or Admin, so the links to the other two folders are unlinked and black). These three folders are the “Stories to be Reviewed”, “General Group Stories”, and “Stories YOU Recommend (That aren’t your own)” folders. He puts his story in the “Stories to be Reviewed” folder (Though he later comes back and puts it in the “General Group Stories” folder, since he figures it’s best to promote his story wherever he can and because that folder is more or less a free-for-all folder).

Now his part of the job is over, so we are going to switch PoV to our own head of the “Review Team” (This can be either Peregrine Caged or Dreamwings (They are co-heads) so I shall refer to the leader as his/her).

The Team leader, being the responsible person they are, inserts RA’s fic into a gdoc (which is only accessible to Reviewers and Admins). Since RA’s fic was put into the folder when, say, 10 other fics were already in there, he needs to wait his turn to get his review. The Team Leader does their best, though, and over the next 2 weeks or so, the team finally gets all their previous fics done. Now comes the part where RA’s patience is rewarded as his fic finally gets looked upon by the Review team.

The Team Leader and the rest of the team (A total of five people if you count the leader him/herself) gets cracking on the fic, but oh no! Team leader finds out that one of the reviewers cannot work for the next several days. Thankfully, he/she calls in one of his/her backup reviewers to fill in for the time being. So continuing as normal, the fiction finally gets all its reviews.

Once the Team Leader finally gets all the reviews done, they log into the collective AuthorSupportReview profile, open up RA’s profile, and tap out a PM, inserting all five reviews into the same PM. He/she then sends the PM to RA, who pleasantly refreshed the page/wakes up the next day to find the PM in his inbox.

After reading the various reviews on his fic, RA discovers that none of the reviewers have passed his story! Upon reading the reviews closer, he discovers that all the reviewers have cited similar problems with the fic, and it seems to be commonly suggested that he hire an editor or proofreader (or three or five of them) to go over his fic, and the he has received one out of three strikes. He can now only send in his fic 2 more times!

Instead of giving up, though, he takes the review’s advice and hires a team of editors/proofreaders that help him weed through the story for problems, and even reads over it himself. After finally getting it revised, he send the story back into the group folder (It was removed upon the first review being sent).

Hopes high, RA waits for a time as his fic goes through the riggers of the “Review Team”. Finally, he wakes up/refreshes the page one day and see the all-important PM in his inbox. Both excited and with a feeling of pessimistic dread, he opens the PM.

To RA’s great surprise, the reviews are radically different from before. They are not near as long, and don’t point out as many errors or problems, since his fiction is now lacking in them. What’s more, he finds that 4 out of the 5 have changed their votes from “Deny” to “Pass”!

Not long after the his PM came in, He also finds out that his story was removed from the “Stories to be Reviewed” folder and has been placed instead in the “High Quality Group Stories” folder. OH, but what is this? Upon reading his PM even closer (or at least all the way through) he sees that not only has his story passed, but since it got MORE than just a majority vote (As in, he either got a 4/5 or a 5/5 instead of just a 3/5) it got passed on to the “Critic Team”.

Worried now for the fate of his story, RA messages Bronymaster, asking him what happened to his story.

Bronymaster, after lazily taking a nap and not doing his work like he should taking a break, reads his PM and promptly responds, explaining that there are two grading teams in the group. His response PM reads as follows:

Well, RA, the group has two grading teams. The first is the Review team, which is the team that reviews stories put into the “Stories to be Reviewed” folder. However, our group has a second grading team for if your story receives a score of 4/5 or 5/5. This team, called the “Critic Team” performs much of a similar job to the Review team.

Simply put, they take your story (After I have informed them of their new assignment) and get to work on reading it at a far more in-depth level than the “Review Team”. Whereas the Review team mostly focuses on your story being technically correct and only complains about plot if it’s a major problem (Such as blatant Out Of Character (OOC) characters), the Critic team is far, far more strict. Not only are they near EqD level with their judging of the fic, but they also take a look at your more minor plot elements, faulting you for any plot holes that may exist, minor OOC, patches or areas that, even though they are written well, may confuse readers, and general storytelling ability.

Generally, though, you shouldn’t have to worry about stuff like that if you hired a good* editing or proofreading team. More than likely, you will catch most of these problem on your own when planning or when re-reading your story. Besides, if you fail their test, you are allowed to try again.

The team itself consists of 7 people, with the head of the team (GingerNutGin) being the one who schedules when your story will be looked at.

One last note: whether your story passes or fails the team, you should receive at least a critique (in comment form) from GNG and, possibly, some other members of said team.

Not really assured by Bm’s message, but at least having more insight as to what is going on, RA decides it best to wait it out. A couple days past, and, one day, he gets a two notifications. One states that GingerNutGin has commented on his story, and the other states that his story had been placed in the “Exemplary Group Stories” folder.

Finally he reads the comment on his story, and, though it does state that his story was excellent, it posts a few issues that the story has (though they might not have been major enough to stop it passing or that they couldn’t be helped or just not fixable by this point).

Fixing what he can from the story, RA has now completed his journey through the Author Support Review System, from putting his fic into the “Stories to be Reviewed” folder, all the way up to passing the “Critic Team”’s judgement.

Hopefully, that sums it up, does it not?

Well, not entirely.

*clears throat* As I have hinted to a few people, we recently developed an identity for the Review Team. As most of you are aware, the group of members within our “Review Team” remain more or less anonymous. Even our backup reviewers remain anonymous. Whenever you receive your review from the AuthorSupportReview team, we don’t even tell you who made what reviews. We simply say “1” through “5”. So you never know if you got a backup or if you got the real deal or if it was this person or that person that gave this review or that review. You only know that you got a review from people in our “review team”. Even if you knew who the actual team consisted of, you would never know who exactly said what about what story.

Now, that’s great! In this way, none of the reviewers can receive hate from one person for giving a mean review or being harsh. On the flipside... if a reviewer is doing a bad job at reviewing your story, you can’t tell us (And yes, while reviewers are the ones who are supposed to judge your story, they can make bad reviews, even if it’s not very common).

Also, it kind of seems... lifeless without some identity, doesn’t it? No individualtiy for each review just “This this and this is wrong but I like this and don’t like this. Now fix it”.

Well, that’s all about to change, thanks to these ponies right here. Everyone, meet your reviewers:

Burning Ember
Bleeding Heart
Princess Alabaster Lace
The Implacable Pony
Vizor Void
TV’s Frank

That’s right, we just gave names to all of our reviewers. HOWEVER we did not reveal who is whom. In fact, this list contains some backup reivewers as well as your main 5 reviewers. Who is who and what is what? Well... I can’t tell you. HOWEVER, I can tell you who has what personality, and what each reviewer is like with their reviews. They even have their own personalities, which may or may not be at all like the person they emulate. In fact, some of these are even the wrong gender (And one of them doesn’t even have a gender at all).

Now you have a way to complain about reviews or thank them! “I loved Frank’s review!” or “I didn’t like the way Firelight talked about my review because (this) (This) and (This) and a bit of (this) and kumquat”.

Very convenient, no? Also, since you might like to know what sort of review you are likely to get, here are each reviewer’s personalities:

Burning Ember is a pegasus who basically has too much time on her hooves and likes to spend all of it helping other pony authors get better at the written word. She takes a bit of time over her reviewing and escapes into every story that is presented in front of her. Expect long reviews from her as she likes to pick out point-by-point what mistakes have been created by you; however she will not tell you every place you have made one of these mistakes as she knows that you will never learn to be a perfect writer if she does all of the work for you. She will simply point you in the right direction and try to make sure that you understand what she is saying. Ember is very formal in how she reviews, sticking to an essay like structure, but you can be sure that she has taken in everything that your story has said. Because she so easily gets stuck in a story she can quite easily see whether or not a story is doing these mistakes for a stylistic choice or it is just unnecessary. Words, tense, and syntax are her strong points that she can help with; although she can also point you towards other errors such as grammar and spelling.
Bleeding Heart’s a reviewing unicorn who prefers to take things a little slower and a lot more general. He’ll be hard on you, but not cruel--for nothing pleases him more than helping an up and coming writer improve. His preferred style is to point out the mistakes you make the most, but not point out individual errors--after all, it benefits the receiver far more to hunt for them themselves. While not his job, he may very well touch on a few things such as tone and flow--for he prides himself on being as helpful as he possibly can be. Warning--reviews could stretch on a bit, for--though young in age--he’s an old soul who’s naturally long winded.
Princess Alabaster Lace is a reviewer who likes to point out what’s wrong, and generally won’t say much unless she gets distracted, which happens surprisingly often. She doesn’t care to discuss the quality of a story; she leaves that for the critics. She also speaks with the royal ‘we’. If there’s a lot of mistakes, Lace can’t stand to see these mistakes stay and will point them out and tell you how to fix them. She wants you to correct them. NOW!
The Implacable Pony doesn’t need a name, or any other descriptor, really, but he (it?) can tell you if you’ve got the names in your stories right or not. In a progressive manner does the Implacable Pony do what he does; when he sees something, he’ll usually point that out before moving on, adding touches when necessary if the problem appears in a different form. When a story looks good, the Implacable Pony is happy, and (probably) so is everypony else. Oh, and do as the Implacable Pony says, or nothing particularly bad will happen. He doesn’t repeat what he says unless there’s a big problem, so when the Implacable Pony does so, make sure it gets fixed, or, again, nothing particularly bad will happen. Except for a ‘denied’ status from the Implacable Pony, which is what you are here for, or so the Implacable Pony believes. Give the Implacable Pony reason to give what he doesn’t think you came for--a ‘pass’.
Vizor Void: he is unbiased, emotionless, he shall look upon the story given unto him, analyze with the utmost examination, and pinpoint every single flaw within that piece of literature. Although his length in reviews varies, they speak the same message, be it satisfactory to the writer or not. He seeks to improve every author, even if it means he must become hated for it.
Firelight: A reviewer who loves to write out really long ones, she doesn’t give out compliments readily, and is more likely to pick every error and fault she can find, though you shouldn’t worry, as she usually tells you how to fix such things. Very thorough, she uses actual quotes from your story to directly point out what problems exist and where “some” of them are at. Firelight also likes to point out when you have plot or story writing problems, such as a weak opening to a story or when you are doing something unappealing to readers, even though it isn’t her job to grade on those. Don’t worry, though, as she won’t give you a deny for those unless they are major. After all, her job is grammar and syntax, no?
TV’s Frank is an enigmatic Minotaur wrapped in mystery, and then coated in delicious chocolate and mailed to your doorstep for only 19.99 plus shipping and handling. He prefers a solid, quality story- grammar is for the text books and eagle eyed editors. However, if a work is saturated in grammatical problems, he’ll politely let you know where you should polish up while giving you a bro fist and instructing you on how to correctly do a squat thrust.

Lengthy descriptions, no? I think you people can take the time out to read them though (This whole site is for reading and writing, after all). Also... sorry 'bout the colors.

Anywho, from now on, you will receive review from the AuthorSupportReview profile with each person being marked by their respective name, instead of just *1* through *5*. You also now know, thanks to those descriptions, what each person’s reviews will be like before you get any, and you STILL won’t know who they are, though you now have a way to complain about them or thank individual ones.

So are we finally done talking about the Review team?



I know I know, this blog is lengthy as it is, but please, bare with me!

The final thing regarding the Review team is that now, you might not recieve only 5 reviews, but six for your story! Who is this mysterious 6th reviewer, and why doesn’t he/she work on EVERY one of the reviews?

Why, this sixth reviewer is a guest. A guest reviewer.

Will you please tell us who it is already so we can go?

*grumbles* fine fine. This 6th reviewer is actually and Admin or a Contributor. You see, as an admin or a contributor, and if we want to, we can actually review your story just like a regular reviewer and have it put in the PM that is sent to the author. Therefore, our Review is an “Official” review instead of just a freelance review.

Now, while it IS official, the guest reviewer CANNOT vote on whether the story passes or fails, and instead of remaing anonymous, their name is clearly marked. (For instance, say “I” was the one who reviewed the story. It would clearly be marked that “I” was the one who made that review.)

This makes things more interesting, as it shows that us as admins DO care, and, let’s face it, who DOESN’T love more feedback? It’s usually fun for us as well. Just don’t expect it to happen all THAT often, since reviews take quite a bit of time and we often don’t have that time to spare.

So is this FINALLY it for the Review team?

Yes, yes it is.


We are sorry for all the annoucnments. Also remember that if you wish to apply to be the new contributor, you must send me a PM. As far as the Review Team goes (That feature I was clarifying for those of you who didn’t bother to read), we now have a “Team” that you can identify each person by without letting go of their anonymity. We can also now do Guest Reviews. As far as how it actually WORKS now, you’ll have to scroll up and read all that stuff I put in bold (You know, the story about Random Author and his goofy adventures through our group and its inner workings. Got to love that guy).

And... that’s it. Leave your comments on the various aspects below (I do love getting comments from you people) and have a wonderful day! :twilightsmile:

Meeting Adjourned

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Off Topic: its like reading a new chapter of a story. Oh yea, I'll be off for another week, need to work and review for my entrance exam.

Yes well, this is all important information and it took me nearly SIX HOURS to do this, so you had better read it or I'll not do anything particularly bad about it but feel really sad and empty cause kumquat.

I only read the contrib part. I do want to join but, like I said, I'm working and preparing for the exam.

That story about RA, I really felt for him, ya know? I mean, when he put his fic into the review folder, I just felt so happy!
BM, I have a complaint, and it involves kumquat kumquat, and blah blah blah, and more blah, so can you please please please fix it? Thank you! :scootangel:
Who's the guy in the green text? Is it Sweetie Belle? :unsuresweetie:

297216 I really want to respond to that in my character, but then you'd know who I am...:raritywink:

*slow claps* Well, that was very nice. And informative. I hope people are taking notice--c'mon guys, it's all the rest of you we're here for. It really makes our day to hear from anyone and everything about what we're doing.

Anyways, good job, BM. Except, uh....rigors. Not riggers. They're a struggle, not sailors.

...:facehoof: I'll fix it right away!

Also, thank you very much.

297727 Yeah, the guy who said [color=greenOh COME ON!]

Oh, you mean you think I'm the green reviewer?

--This line has been cut to keep-AUTHOR'S-identitiy safe. We are sorry for any inconvenience.--

I don't know why, but suddenly I fell the urge to review something...that orange is too...orange.

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