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Why? · 2:40am Jan 6th, 2016

Who asked for this?

[A bit squicky after the break]

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They're making a movie out of that book? For what purpose?

What? The movie itself, or the promotional thing?

Either way, zombie stories are very seldom my thing, but I'll admit the whole 'during victorian times' is at least an interesting twist on the old chest-nut.

Because for some reason, people get a hard on when zombies are mentioned.


Also vampires.

I'm surprised that zombie vampires haven't become a thing.

With the way the monsters are being handled these days, I think I'll stick with the deadites.

Majin Syeekoh

3667162 The movie.

I thought the book was a joke. It's gone too far now.


You know...there aren't any kitsune related horror films right?


I think there are a few Korean ones, actually.

Their names totaly escape me right now, though.

I know there's at least one TV-series on that subject for certain, at least. 'My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox.'

Never seen it myself, but I've heard good things, actually.

3667161 Money, dear boy. The answer to "why?" is almost always "money."

It's Hollywood, dear.

3667224 why am I just now hearing about both the movie and the book for the first time?

3667341 ever hear of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter? Made by the same guy.

I guess Abe Lincoln: Vampire Hunter was actually profitable?

Seriously though, why does Hollywood do half the things they do? Yes, money, but even there a lot of their actions are self-destructive in the long term. Why have Disney and WB allowed budgets for movies to explode to the point it'll soon be impossible for even the most popular Marvel/DC films to turn a profit? Why do they insist on screwing over local cinemas, which then have to jack up ticket and concession prices to the point that families with multiple kids can't afford to go see a movie anymore, thus cannibalizing their own market? Who the hell keeps greenlighting Chipmunks movies and why hasn't that person been run over by a truck? Everyone knows the Oscars are rigged – they are literally more political than Congress – so why does everyone still care? Does anyone really think next year's MLP movie won't be a financial disaster, regardless of how good it may be?

Zombies have never been my thing. Neither have vampires. Besides, I'd want to reread Pride And Prejudice (it's been over 15 years) before seeing how this messes with it.

3667255 - My GF had me watch the first couple episodes of MGFIA9TF. It's pretty good, much better than I expected. I'll gladly recommend it.

Majin Syeekoh

3667341 The book's been out for a while. The poster for the movie caught me off guard.

3667366 I watched for first few minutes of that and fell asleep. It felt really meh to me.

It's definitely something.

Ive actually read and liked Pride and Prejudice.
I saw the zombie book years ago. Wasn't interested as the basic description from my comic dealer was, take P&P the main character and her fighting zombies in-between each chapter. I also saw one, forget which book it was, but it had something to do with Cthulhu.

However, I saw the trailer for the movie recently and im intrigued enough to consider going to see it. I was rather surprised to see it made into a movie.

Huh. Really? :rainbowhuh: I'm... actually kind of intrigued. Morbidly, you might say.


I also saw one, forget which book it was, but it had something to do with Cthulhu.

Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters.

I have no idea what this is about other than zombies.

Is it worth it?

The only reason I like it is because I saw Matt Smith in the preview. :twilightblush:

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