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Not really big on fanfic writing, but when I'm in the mood I'll jot something down from time to time. I'd much rather frequent sites like YouTube, DeviantArt, and Facebook

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Mega Man parody animation finally begun! · 10:36pm Jan 5th, 2016

Just finished compiling the first twenty-five seconds of animation for my Mega Man parody. Just another couple minutes worth more to go. XD

Also changed my FIMFiction profile bio too. Not sure if it makes me appear kinda egotistical or not. Hmm...

I might run that through the Marketing / Commercial Department, see what they think of it.

So how are you all doing tonight? Hey! You guys read the news lately about Vladmir Putin being a vampire? I'm serious! I read it in the Enquirer today, there's all these photos dating back to, like, 1940 of Vladmir Putin, all the way up to 2015, and he looks exactly the same as he did all those years ago. And the guy is supposed to be in his 60's, I believe!

Actually, the photos aren't REALLY of him, to tell the truth. They're supposedly relatives who strongly resemble him because of him being born from a strong bloodline, but I couldn't care if he really was a vampire. With all those terrorists and evil-doers out there, he's got plenty of blood to feast upon. So yeah, I say support Vampire Putin.

Vampire Putin - taking a huge bite out of crime! (and then proceeding to suck it completely dry of its blood...)

I also am aware that Vladmir himself has a pretty dark past, being ex-KGB and all, but honestly he's the sort of person you need to have in charge when dealing with folk who want to hurt other people en masse. He has what we in the business like to call 'experience'.

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