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Just a wandering brony/whoovian/gamer/otaku/writer/artist who likes to flail at keyboards for fun... I have a lot of hobbies. Be sure to leave a comment, I friggin love those! Skype: spiritshift96

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    The Queen of the Dragons
    The New King of the Changelings
    All 4 Princesses
    and is the GM to Discords new favorite part time activity.
    And he's the two time hero of the Crystal Empire and heralded as the one who believed changelings could change.

    I think Spike's being set up for something special...

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Still open · 1:02am Jan 5th, 2016

I'm almost to my goal for a replacement tablet so I'm just letting guys know that I'm still open to do art work for a small fee.

Here are some examples of my work.

Report Spirit Shift · 298 views · Story: Sunset Helpers · #commission
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Comments ( 18 )

Undertale fan?

Wait the Sunset Shimmer and Coco picture was you, that's pretty damn impressive man. Seriously that looks a lot like Utapo's work

Comment posted by Spirit Shift deleted Jan 5th, 2016

3664880 Huge fan, did a review on it.

3664884 Yeah it was meant to imitate their style the only differences is that theirs is vector art. lol I was mad there was bearly any Sunset and Coco Art.


Well it's an impressive copy, it really looks good man.

I'd ask for some, but I've spent a lot over Christmas so I'm kind of short.

3664892 Oh, that's cool. Can you tell me about Undyne?

3664896 Sure what about her?

3664898 Anything. Actually, your art looks pretty cool. I'd request something, but I have no cash so I can't pay for a commission.

I wish I could :(

3664901 lol thanks. Anyway Undyne is basically Asgores, the kings, apprentice trained since she was a kid to be the Captain of the royal guard. She became his apprentice when, as a kid, she challenged him to a fight and lost. Ever since she's been training to fight him over and over again, Asgore respecting her Determination enough to do so.

Finally after eventually beating him once she's stepped up at the Captain of his guard, her power over a masive number of magical spears being unrivaled.

She loves shounen anime.

3664912 A, massive number of spears? Huh, I suppose controlling a storm of spears would be rather powerful, if your enemy didn't have thick plate armor on. Aside from that, can you tell me about who Asgores is?

3664938 Soft hearted king of the Underground. He has a terrible naming sense. lol. In a fit of rage he declared war and was too afraid of letting down his people to recall the declaration. He's widely regarded as one of the most powerful monsters, albeit one of the kindest. So kind he's basically Santa Clause to all of the monster children.

3665189 It's be great if he actually was a saint., then he wouldn't have made the decision to fight against the humans.

3665279 Well he was grief stricken at the time, and as a saint he didn't want his people to despair. Even if he lost his own soul he wouldn't allow his subjects to die.

3665352 Well, at least he fought to the end. Like Gwyn, who kept going, and fighting, even after his people gave up.

Sorry bro, we're all saving up for something these days.

3665590 Oh the cruelty of life, the world, and those who live upon its soil. May the great Spirit Shift in the sky have mercy on the saplings that dwell. :ajsleepy:


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