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I enjoy ponies. I enjoy coffee. I enjoy writing. So therefore, this pegasister enjoys FimFiction.

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Face Reveal... Thing... · 8:48pm Jan 4th, 2016

Since you guys told me to do a bunch of stuff... Including the majority of you picked a face reveal... It looks like I'm stuck doing that. Now, I'm warning you- I'm human Fluttershy. Camera-shy, in this case. So it isn't the best picture. Heh. Well, here you go:

What? Fine... Here...

Yeah, I'm not as pretty as my pony... Or pony human. Gosh, I wish I looked like my Equestria girl! Anyways... Yup... Weird me.

~Vanilla Mocha,
Coffee Mare

Comments ( 63 )

Holy shit, that's you? :pinkiegasp:

3664209 Uh-huh...

I'm so ugly! I need to be my OC in real life... :raritydespair:

3664212 No, you're not ugly, Mocha.

3664215 I'd reveal my face, but sadly I don't know how to do so on a desktop, so, I mean, if we could Skype, you'd see what I look like

You're very pretty :scootangel:

Cute.:rainbowkiss: That is all.

3664218 Maybe we could Skype soon ^^

3664224 Wait, you mean you can Skype? :pinkiegasp:

3664227 Sorta. Idk when honestly. But when I can I'll let you know right away.

3664242 OK, send me a PM with your Skype name when you can Skype and I'll add ya, then, it'll be collab time! :yay: Our topic:


3664228 Only here to speak the truth.:twilightsmile:

3664253 Who's your favorite character from the whole movie? You can guess who mine is *small creepy evil smile*

Look fine!

3664255 Thanks :twilightsmile:

3664260 Every train ^-^ And yesh!

You look adorable.:rainbowkiss:

You look adorable! (looks at comments below me)

Oh wait, someone already said that. :derpytongue2:

3664294 Thank you! And it's k lol

Wow, you're so pretty! :raritystarry:

3664212 No! You look absolutely FAB!!! Darlin' way better than me that's for sure!:rainbowlaugh:

3664310 Thank you! :twilightsheepish:

3664323 Heh, thanks! :twilightsheepish: And I bet you look great. :twilightsmile:

Knew she'd be cute. (Award self 12 Prediction Points.)

You look great! Don't let Hollywood and the media lie to you. You kinda looked like how I expected, honestly (I'm not half-bad with guessing people's faces from how they act or sound).

Rush and Pony on!



Thank you both very much! :twilightsheepish:

Aww, you look really nice, Mocha! :twilightsmile:

Hey Mocha,

You are a beauty to behold, you have really gorgeous eyes and I really like your hair (I'm jealous, it looks so full of life and thick whereas I just have fine limp hair:pinkiesad2:)

(Oh Gosh sorry that just sounded really creepy, I'm sorry:twilightoops:)


3664422 Aww, thanks! And I'm sure you don't look that bad. ^-^ And lol I understand

[Silver drops his guitar when he sees the picture.] Oh my... Wow... You look very stunning, Miss Mocha.

3664491 Thanks! Thanks again! Oh, and yay!

3664637 Thank you! And I bet you don't look so bad. ^-^

Comment posted by Vanilla Mocha deleted Jan 4th, 2016

3664692 Aww, thank you Silver! :twilightsheepish:

You remind me of my mom's old friend. Hope that isn't too mean :twilightsheepish:

3664705 As soon as I say I'm about to do a face reveal, it seems that all of my friends start doing it. :rainbowlaugh:

3664717 ^-^ It's actually kinda fun (that's coming from human Fluttershy). Besides, it doesn't matter if you aren't one of the first ^-^ Lol join our club of faces!

3664724 But... But... I can't just do a photo! I have to make it awesome!

3664727 :rainbowdetermined2: Alright! ^-^ I bet it'll be worth the wait then!

3664733 It might not be, but oh well!

3664756 I'm positive it will. ^-^

3664815 Well, hopefully it still will be if I land on my ass during said face reveal.

You look very nice my friend.

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