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January AMA (and some quick updates) · 11:24pm Jan 2nd, 2016

First of the month, my fine followers, so you all know what that means! It's time for another Ask Me Anything, where you get to


"ask me anything"

So don't let modesty or common courtesy or shyness or social etiquette hold you back; ask me anything your hearts desire.

I've swapped my avatar as per the usual; say goodbye to Kristmas Kurt, hello to Jamie Stewart of Xiu Xiu!

My patreon is still active, as usual. Patreon is a really good way to show support to content creators you love. Having that little bit of extra cash really helps me out (every dollar helps), and there are a lot of neat rewards! A lot of them revolve around the site, but there are also other rewards to be had, all of which can be found on the reward page. Remember, there's no obligation to donate, so feel free to do whatever you want.

I promised yet another pointless snow story last week, to line up with some of my past works. Except that to be done tomorrow.

My top ten fics of 2015 blog will arrive tomorrow, and Monday will be the arrival of the top ten albums of 2015. Remember, those are just my hot opinions, so feel free to disagree.

Also, January will be full of updates! I plan on updating Some Love, All That Sparkles, and Your New Twin Sized Bed, but I want to take suggestions from you guys, the readers. If you have a particular unfinished fic of mine you want to see continued, just let me know and I'll gladly add it to my list of things to update.

lots of luv :heart:

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who's that in your profile picture?

You ever going to write a guest 100 word slashfic? Or did you already and I just forgot?


I've swapped my avatar as per the usual; say goodbye to Kristmas Kurt, hello to Jamie Stewart of Xiu Xiu!

Xiu Xiu is an experimental noise pop band, mostly consisting of Jamie Stewart. He pulls in other people now and then to help him out, but ever since the second album, it's mostly been him. There's a Xiu Xiu song at the bottom of the blog if you wanna give them a listen.

3659496 herp derp I should have read first >_<

Things going any better for you now, boss?

3659496 Cool sound, but I can't focus on writing while listening to it. The only other noise/post-pop groups I really know are Melt-Banana and Deerhoof.

3659515 Deerhoof and Xiu Xiu do a lot of shit together, so go figure. I guess Xiu Xiu is a lot more abrasive than Deerhoof.

3659494 You've invited me before. I just haven't gotten around to it yet. ;_;

3659512 Pretty alright, I got into my second school of choice and I'm hoping to hear back from the others soon. Doing a little bit of writing and just enjoying the last days of my winter break.

top ten albums of 2015

I am excited to disagree :derpytongue2::derpytongue2:

the top ten albums of 2015.

Will you update your incomplete stories this year?

Top 10 Worst/Best Movies of 2015?


3660419 I didn't see ten movies this year
my top three were Mad Max: Fury Road, The Hateful Eight (which came out on the 31st, so), and The Force Awakens

Also, do you like FilthyFrank?

3662587 duh, papa franku is love
papa franku is life

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