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Discovering colored cartoon ponies was one of the best times of my life... how many people get to say that? XD

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Nova Digi Log: I Can't Even... · 4:19pm Jan 2nd, 2016

Just saw The Force Awakens...

I... I just can't... Words cannot describe... Bo apparatus has a scale capable of measuring the pure awesomeness that radiates from this movie.

I need time to cool down. Then, a full breakdown of this unspeakably amazing work of art.

I'm... I'm...





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Comments ( 13 )

I saw it NYE....I bloody loved it....I cried....TWICE

3658697 Han's death and Fin's fight with Ren, right?:pinkiesad2:


Aww, that's cute. You actually think it's good.

It is amazing. :pinkiesad2: It might be the best Star Wars ever! :pinkiehappy: Thank you J.J. Abrams for giving us this amazing resurrection of this battered, bleeding and broken series. :twilightsmile: You truly have fixed what George Lucas seemed to want to destroy.

3659025 Wait, didn't Lucas come up with the original saga?:rainbowhuh:

3659054 Yes, but he had help from a MUCH better director. (Who's name I don't know.) George Lucas was responsible for the HD remakes of the original in which there is pointless CG thrown in EVERYWHERE!!! He also made the... Ugh... The prequel trilogy all on his own....... :pinkiesick:

3658748 first one correct, second time was at the end, when Rey holds out the light sabre...I know...I'm an emotional wreck okay!

3659061 Okay. I agree the Prequels weren't nearly as good as The Original Trilogy, but it dod give us some great characters (Darth Maul, Jango Fett, Qui Gon Jin). Plus, I think his redemption came in the form of The Clone Wars (both versions). It did get some problems, but I think it was generally acceptable. Rebels... judgment pending...

3659072 Oh. Trust me, I was still shaking 20 minutes after I came out of the movie.:rainbowlaugh: My legs are still unstable anytime I try to so much as picture a scene.:twilightblush:

3659079 The prequels were NOWHERE near as good as the originals. The only good things the prequels did was this:
1: Darth Maul.
2: More badass lightsaber fights.
3: Yoda kicking ass. :rainbowlaugh:

3663495 No argument there.:rainbowlaugh:

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