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Time · 1:06am Jan 2nd, 2016

Another chance for readers to affect my story, but this time, it's more of whether or not anyone would mind a large amount of time being skipped to allow the story to advance again, or end up being bombarded with real filler. Cause compared to the previous time skips, which were just weeks, this one would be years. Yeah, I know some stuff may be skipped as a result, but one must take some sacrifices to move a story along. So what do you guys think on that matter?

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I would prefer the filler, personally

I don't mind filler, if you time skip some years, it lose one of the best things that the story have and is the CMC and Aether as fillies. But if you think you need to do that, you can do it, and put things or filler later in "Flashback episodes" or in another story

Honestly, I can't stand copious amounts of filler.

That's not to say I want my stories to be short and to the point, as the fun ends much quicker that way, but I also don't like stories that go one forever, with crap tons of padding. It gets boring after a while.

Time skips can often be used effectively to push along a slow plot. And things that are skipped now can be brought back up later through flashbacks and references.

But what you really need is a convincing reason for said time skip, be it a training period (One Piece, Naruto), to differentiate between books/series (Dragonball, Z), etc...

I could see a possible thing with the dimensional travel forcing a time skip for certain characters, or perhaps some sort of self-inflicted stasis, or even a Mind Auto Pilot where the character in question skips a portion of their life by going into a waking coma, only to regain control at a later point.

It all depends on how it's written, and the justification behind it. A bad timeskip has no reasoning behind it, and just says "X years later" with no explanation.

I'm for time-skips provided they show some real growth/change with the main character or the others. They are the protagonists, and I'd rather not be skipping from a fight scene to a fight scene. Maybe a timeskip to an important character development moment, before skipping again to another one, or an action moment?

There is also the question about what to do with the EQG portal...

In the end it still will be you decision and it always will be yours, but if you want mine 2 cents, i would say you probable skip ahead by a year cause no one really like filler chapters with no meaning at all. Whatever you decide to do, ill keep on reading cause i like this story. :D

Go for it. If all you would be able to produce is bad filler time skip away. If you think you have some decent filler use it, inter-spread with time skips for the best effect.

maybe put in a few fillers that brig major things like when the recruits go into the everfree or things like that but jump more maybe. thats what i think but do as you wish i'm not a writer

I tend not to like a large portion of time skipped like that in the same story/book as it feels really rushed. I would like some filler to connect the years so we don't suddenly have adult Aether and Equestria has tanks with little context. Just go through faster in the story but allow us to grab the timeline and not get whiplash.

So long as you don't screw it up a time skip is fine.

Uh....... maybe not a few years... but maybe a year and a half? a few years sounds like too much for me. But you could do it well..

While I don't mind some filler (I'll use the fact that I watched the Naruto filler arc as proof) I fully support your decision as an author here skip as much as you need to.

Not a few years, way too long.

If you do, try to make the time skip flow. Like, how do I explain this.........like use a journal entry of sorts with bits of in story occurrences. Have milestones to use to get from point A to point B without disorienting your readers. A too big a flash forwards can completely change how a character acts and thinks due to different situations, which is as I stated before, can be rather jarring. Show how the character has changed and matured throughout this face so when you get through it, we will still be able to follow the storyline.

Gotta do what ya gotta do. We're nearing the end of "season 5" here so I see no reason to not have a big skip.

I agree with Charedfirescale.
A series of smaller timeskips would be best, I think, with the portrayed events being things that significantly affect Aether, display flaws for later plot to take advantage of, general character development, etc...
Maybe some stuff about the relationship between Pinkie and Aether, that's one of the best things about your fic IMO.
Maybe display a second Apple-Pie Hearth's Warming where they combine their traditions (Entire family looks for single sack full of presents, and finder gets to raise the flag?)
A lot can happen in a few years, especially in a period as tumultuous as puberty. Don't be afraid to make stuff up.
Give a few progress reports on the recruits, have him do some activity with the CMC, make the entire gang go on vacation to some distant land where they have to solve the evil plot. You can do loads of things.
Edit: The 'solve the evil plot' can be kicked off by the villain thinking 'OH SHIT, THE ELEMENTS OF HARMONY AAAH THEY'RE ON TO ME HOW HOW HOW'... That's a plot I've always wanted to see.

It's your story. Do what makes you happy. If anyone disagrees with said decision... Well that's their problem. :twilightsmile:

Edit: Then again... You have only two episodes between this one and the start of the finale. In either case I will still be happy with whatever you eventually decide upon.

3657741 The problem for me is I know where I want to take Aether's story, many major events are planned out, but time will need to be passed since Aether has to be older for them. For the most part, I have been doing a lot of set-up that I pretty much have most of the base set up at this current time in the story.

Unfortunately, I haven't had the opportunity to read it yet. I just put it in my "Read it later" folder because it kept popping up in the community spotlight. Since July I've seen it featured something like 5 times. So, at this point, I still don't know what I'm missing. A few years means nothing to me.

Most of the recent chapters have either been back to back by day of going with canon events, i think a time skip is in order, plus it offers a chance to change some elements to whatever had been happening beforehand if need be.

Have you ever watch Narito or Dragon Ball?

They do time skips really well, and have great flashbacks for the characters. I remember you ask us if we wanted some side stories for the series I think that Idea would be perfect for the gap between the stories time line.

So the question is how long we'll you be making this series, like into a saga? (6 stories)

I believe that if we're getting a time skip in the next story that it would be neat that every 2 stories is part of her growing up...


- 1 & 2 = filly

- 3 & 4 = young adult

- 5 & 6 = Mare (which would be the ending if you want to be like Star Wars :)

But there is going to be a lot of challenges for you! Because think of it, your now going on a different path that isn't cannon from the show.

Here is a ton load of questions or Ideas for you to figure out when doing this!

1. Aether meets Sunset, either in Equestria or in EQG?

2. Some of the Mane 6 get married and have kids. Like I read a really amazing story of AppleJackxSorin. I have to look for the name but it was really sad and amazing that you would love it, also it had a Raity falling in love with Fancy Pants brother. You could create your own stallions for the mane 6 if you like. But please no MarexMare thing please! I want the Mane 6 to have kids and fight along side Aether!

3. How Equestria's Technology well change? Please don't end up being like space movies or stuff for this, have it like a fantasy style technology.

4. We get to know more about Aethers people & world.

5. Aether gets a crush on a colt. Or better yet what if another alien got in the same situation end up turning into a colt. But is trying to go after Aether since he was hired to stop her?

6. We get to see Princess Cadance kid.

7. Starlight becoming what Aether wants her to be?

8. First Alien contact goes wrong?

9. You know there could be Bounty Hunters out there, who get order to kill Aether. (Would be a great training for the recruits)

10. Well there be a Dad for Aether? Maybe if some of the Mane 6 got married, Aether thinks that Pinkie would be happy to have a husband but might end of badly... It would be funny if it was Discord! XD

11. Introduce more fantasy and myth creatures that live in the world of Equestria.

12. If Aether does end up falling in love, than she should get the experience to become a Mother. Which every pony should run away before she throws a chair at you!!!

13. Diamond & Silver play some kind of rule in the story to help Aether.

14. No Mare X Mare!

I know you have a plan! And I trust you we'll do an amazing job!

Oh yea also!

13. More about the government that runs the dimensions!

14. Also to might explore into the big city that the evil aliens rule?

3658120 Yeah, the mane 6 getting married... not something I'm looking forward to since I typically want to stay away from any shipping till necessary. Regardless, beyond that factor, I already have plans on the entirety of Aether's story. I will also say that Aether's story does have an end and, as some people don't want another story that goes on hundreds of chapters.

Also, I'm a bit sad that no one noticed that my story had actually crossover'd to another fanfic, even though it is a subtle minor thing.

3658136 Wait really? Which Fan Fic was that?

I don't think you should do the shipping thing, it's way to hard and could hurt the story really bad... You could have a reference that their married, but don't have to go into it at all. (Except for Pinkie Pie if you want her to be just single)

But it would be a great character development for just Aether though?

I'm glad that you have the whole story short out. You have made a great series to read on here, and I have been enjoying for almost a year on this site!

Keep up with the good work!

Filler All the way.

I personally really dislike time skips. But if you going to go with the super long story thing you need to fill the space with something intresting otherwise its just meh either way.

You could have a chapter of notable/funny cutscenes as both filler and some small degree of story advancement.

3658136 What was the subtle crossover?

And I think you should do both.

Something like

Aether Aura: Hidden Files

along with the main story.

I think a time skip would be fine. Personally I would prefer some sort of chapter that has a bit of filler so that we don't feel like we're missing stiff even when we are.

By the way are we already close to the ending?

I couldn't decide on what to put my vote into, so I flipped a coin and while it was in the air I realized which one I wanted when I caught myself hoping for heads so a time skip would be good :twilightblush:

With the choice being given, I'd prefer several chunks of timeskip with slightly more meaningful filler in between.
But... If I have to pick just one, I'd rather have the timeskip.

Timeskip? Aether seems to be the type to gloss everything over until something breaks.

3658136 Stories that go on for hundreds of chapters make me drool. And there's not enough of them.

You have a few points that are due for some advancement before you skip forward.

At the same time, you're running the risk of season 6 nuking your fic's cannon unless you wait for it to be in full swing before continuing much more, which you're not going to do.

At the very least, I'd like to know what happens to her in that time.

Mini stories? Aether helps the rock farm or visiting Manehatten or Queen Crysalis in the Badlands?

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