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if any of yall have xbox live · 10:19pm Jan 1st, 2016

Im battlebug1996 and i has warframe and world of tanks

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I did.
Now I don't...
But I might again soon:pinkiecrazy: Although I only play Minecraft and Tomb Raider online on the Xbox. Mine is Roomy_Opossum1
Trust me, I didn't choose the name:rainbowlaugh:

I would friend you, but I don't have either of those games.

Well, if you want me to say hello every now and then, then send me a steam profile, I spend way more time on there.

3657302 i have both games on PC but I've been playing world of warships over world of tanks.

especially with this coming out for it.

I'm Deathboot711 if you wish to chat

*Hears Warframe* Dammit! I play on PC. Oh well... at least I found a fellow Tenno

I don't play either of those, unfortunately.

Sorry to disappoint, but I don't play either of those games; I'm more into Battlefield, Battlefront, Minecraft, AC, and some other titles. Feel free to add me if you want, though.:twilightsheepish: Godzillamaster6


Still can be friends

3657921 Cool. Well, I'm stuck on whether I wanna play BF3 or go on my Xbone and play Battlefront, if I can get my little bro off of Warframe.

my psn is xzaveslikesxbox.
Does that count?

Im on warframe! ArcticWolf125 feel free to add me to friends

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