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Emergency Notification: Cover Art · 8:31pm Jan 1st, 2016

So, it has come to my attention that some of you are getting a broken image for the Advent of Applejack. I'm working on resolving the issue, but if it is what I suspect it is, there may be very little I can do. See, I suspect a Microsoft patch is to blame, in which case we'll just have to sit tight and wait for them to patch the glitch. Yay computers. I just want you all to know that I am aware of the problem and am trying to fix it, but if I don't update this post in the near future and the image still looks freaky, then it's probably because it's out of my hands.

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Comments ( 24 )

It's been showing up on a bunch of stories, I figured it was a browser error that was awaiting fixing, now I know it's in Microsoft's hands. It's never getting fixed.

I am also getting it on my iPhone. I think it is a problem with the server or where the picture is hosted. Let's give it a few days.

Yours is not the only picture with this problem


What that tells me is that it is indeed possibly a browser error, or a patch misbehaving, which happens a lot. Thankfully this is a fairly harmless glitch... they can be really bad sometimes. If it first started happening in the last few days, then I think we have our culprit. In that case, all we can do is wait it out.

At least opening it in a separate tab gives you a clear picture.

I think it's a pretty cool looking error. It almost looks artistic. Maybe I'm just weird. :twilightsheepish:

What in the world is that? xD it's hilarious.



Nah it does have an almost Pop-art Andy Warhol feel to it, it reminds me of a Stuttering film reel more than anything else though.

I've always found stuttering film reels artsy.

I thought my browser / the site was being weird.

If it was the site, we'd all be getting the same issue. Since it seems spotty, I'm going to assume it had something to do with the batch of updates that came out a few days ago. All of my computers (Two laptops and a desktop) show the site as functioning properly (including the only one that has the most recent updates applied), so there's probably a sporadic hiccup somewhere in that batch of updates that hits some people but doesn't affect others. That definitely sounds like the MO of Microsoft update glitches to me. Either way, we're probably looking at a few days before we get a fix, so hang tight people.

I also get that broken cover art, but I am running Linux (with several browsers being affected...). That would speak for a glitch caused by the website/server rather than a faulty Microsoft update ;)

Could be the browser, then. Could be some bigwig here on the sight accidentally elbowed a big red button of some kind. Could be any number of things. I'm just going off of the limited knowledge I have and what little info I have on the problem. The outcome is still the same: I can't really do anything about it on my end, except make people aware of it so they don't freak out and/or spam me with their concerns.

It can’t be updates. I have them turned off.

Then I'm really at a loss. Everything appears okay on all the computers I've checked the site on. It could be a problem with Fimfiction. Hell, it could be Skynet gaining sentience for all I know. I just know that my options are very limited in what I can do to fix it.

Okay, I've redone the link. Let's see if that takes care of the problem.



(though using the 'source' link shows the regular picture just fine and dandy)

Well then that's my bag of tricks exhausted.

You'd better be careful with that assumption. Some big companies push updates through even if you've explicitly checked that metaphorical box. I know Google has been known to do that, for instance.


Bug a moderator? (with the hordes of changelings at your beck and call that pun IS intentional)

I have the service itself turned off, not just the option unselected. Even if Microsoft were to push an update they’d find nothing to accept the request. That said, I’m glad to see somebody else warning people of this risk, though I was not aware that Google was also a perpetrator; Microsoft is rather infamous for this sort of thing but I had no idea Google had sunk so low.

The staff has fixed it it seems


BTW, can we have more story? I ran out a few minutes ago

I'm working on it. I figure I'm about... oh... halfway through the chapter? Maybe a little less? It's coming, but it will take time, I'm afraid.

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