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HOLY FREAKING CRAP O_O · 3:13pm Jan 1st, 2016

NETFLIX has Detective Conan now.

Under the correct title, at that.

It's mostly the same episodes Crunchyroll has, though they seem to have a few episodes CR didn't at last check. In any event, there are 52 episodes of Detective Conan on Netflix, largely from episode 750+.

Did NOT see THAT coming. :twilightoops:

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Comments ( 3 )

I'm guessing it's just the Japanese version then and not the dubbed version titled "Case Closed"? I wonder why they even changed the title of the dub to begin with...

3656409 I don't believe there IS a dubbed version anymore. It's probably exactly what Crunchyroll has, though I'm surprised that there are a few episodes CR doesn't have (unless they've been back-adding while the series is on a brief break.)

As for the retitle, there's ostensibly a reason behind it. Allegedly, the estate of the creator of Conan the Barbarian pulled some copyright shit out of their ass to block the title Detective Conan from being used in North America. This may or may not have lapsed, as Netflix has it under the correct title.

I'll have more info on what Netflix actually has in re: Detective Conan later, as I'm too busy with other stuff right now to actually fire up Netflix and check, but I did add it to my queue as soon as I saw it appear on instantwatcher and confirmed it wasn't a glitch or hoax.

Why does my WiFi have to suck so much. We can't get Netflix, because we can just use 30 GB in a month without spending more money on the WiFi. But I want Netflix.

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