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I'm nothing special, but I am trying.

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    So the noble curators of the Royal Canterlot Library decided they wanted to feature my story 'What is Left'. It comes with a written interview, too. Quite the honor. You can read my interview here: https://royalcanterlotlibrary.net/2018/03/09/onionpies-what-is-left/

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OnionPie Has a Plan · 7:44am Jan 1st, 2016

I have a plan, kind of. It's a resolution (yes, one of those). It involves writing. I can't tell you the details because I don't want to feel gratification before I've achieved anything (hint: it's a daily word count goal for 2016). It will increase my productivity, which will yield more horse stories for you guys this year. I'll be working on some original fiction as well as pony fanfiction--I don't know what the balance will be yet, but I'll keep you updated. I'm pretty serious about this. I want to make a career out of writing in the long run, and that won't happen unless I step up my game. Anyway, I just wanted you to know that I'm still doing stuff.

Happy new year, everyone.

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Comments ( 4 )

Yay more horse words from you.

Happy new year to you, as well. :twilightsmile: Looking forward to see what comes of your writing in 2016!

(Including the rest of that desert story, one of these days.) :pinkiecrazy:

For you, always.


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