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  • 59 weeks
    The Water Cooler

    Hey there,

    Are you looking for a place to discuss your favorite tv shows, movies, comics, games, etc with like-minded people?

    Are you a fanfiction/creative writer who’d like a place to bounce off ideas, hone your world-building skills and even share some of your work for feedback?

    Do you like round robins to really get those creative writing juices flowing?

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    7 comments · 177 views
  • 371 weeks
    'The Golden Touch'

    Hi everyling,

    I have some great news. I've had my commissioned a whole new story from the great Darth Link 22. It's a real pleasure working with the guy, he's really creative and talented.

    Now I won't give any spoilers away, I'll just leave you guys a link to it here:

    The Golden Touch

    Enjoy! :pinkiehappy:

    1 comments · 644 views
  • 377 weeks
    'It's Good to be Queen'. A collaboration between VoxAdam and Magic Man

    Hey everybody,

    I'm proud to announce the completion and publication of my first collaboration on this site.

    It's Good to Be Queen

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  • 381 weeks
    'The Times Are A Changeling'

    In light of the news from EQD, I think you all know what to do...

    Change-lings. Change-lings. Change-lings! Change-lings! Change-lings!! CHANGE-LINGS!! CHANGE-LINGS!! CHANGE-LINGS!! CHANGE-LIIIIIINGS!!! CHANGE-LIIIIIINGS!!!

    And here I'll just leave some of my own ideas for the title episode in question:

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  • 391 weeks
    Season 6 premiere bullet point list.

    Okay, everyone, watched the Season 6 premiere and, cutting to the chase, here's a bullet point list off my favorite things about it:

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Happy New Year! · 12:49am Jan 1st, 2016

Happy New Years to you all from Britain were here it's already 2016!

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