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Gonna try this whole writing thing again.

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    Do you draw? I have a contest for you!

    I'm hosting a draw my dragonsonna contest on deviantart.

    Link here.

    She's a sweet, sometimes grumpy cactus dragon the size of a cat.

    The prizes include some rice bags made by myself. Traditional or digital art accepted!

    Check it out for a chance to win.


    — Blue

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    Discord Server

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    I'm making a Discord server run by me for the purpose of helping each other out with stories. At least I'll try to. Me vs. technology. -__-

    Anywho, message me if you'd like the address.


    — Blue

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    Hello. It's cold where I am. Like COLD. Anywho . . .

    Which story would you be most interested in my reviving/updating? I really can only work on one at a time.

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    Pokes head in

    How's it going? You all still writing and reading?

    Give me an update if you want, I've been gone so long.

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    Sorry all

    It's been too long since I've posted anything here. I apologize. Short explanation is that I have had a severe set back with my depression that caused me to go in partial hospitalization and quit my job. So I'm very much floating along until I can find something that works for me.

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[Aberrant Harmony]: Housekeeping · 6:15am Dec 30th, 2015

Hello, hello!

This is for my proof/pre-readers helping out with book 2 of Aberrant Harmony, Disillusion. It seems that surprise surprise I've lost track of what information I gave to who. :derpyderp1: My mind's gone a million places at once and I'm super confused. As I'm now past halfway in the story I need to get my act together.

Soooo I need you proof/pre-readers to comment below with the following information.

1. Proof or pre-reader

2. What chapters I sent you (numbers will suffice)

3. Did you send me feedback? If so on which chapters?

4. Would you like to help with more chapters? I have LOTS

5. Any questions for me.

Thanks a million! You all are amazing. I'm sooo sorry about this mess. X3 I am a shameful author!

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Comments ( 7 )

You okay Blue? it been a while since you last sent me an chapter for poof reading

3651366 I'm soooo disorganized! :raritycry: And stressed among other stuffs.

I was wondering...

1. I was doing... both? So far I had only proofread, though.

2. Sent up to Ch 2.

3. I mostly did proofreading so far.

4. Yes

5. You had said that you were going to have questions after I read the passages. Knowing that I didn't put as many comments as I had on the chapters. Did you want me to put more info in the chapters themselves?

3651379 whoa calm down play some piano music.....it help to relax

1. umm, both I guess.
2. you sent me three chapters (prologue, bridge and chapter one)
3. different lettering on one of the names, prologue.
4. of COURSE I want to help you with more chapters, who wouldn't?:pinkiehappy:
5. yeah, when are you going to send me more chapters to proof/pre-read? lol

1. primarily bit of both, primarily proofing
2. given prologue, bridge, and chap 1
3. gave a variety of feedbacks that have all been responded to.
4. gimme more.
5. Do you take your tea with sugar?

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