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Would you be Interested? · 11:18pm Dec 29th, 2015

Would you be interested in hearing readings of some non-pony stories that I've done? More specifically, these are two stories that came about as the result of college assignments, yet I feel like they each hold a seed of Lyric and her tales.

In the first story I am thinking of, it tells how the stars and shooting stars came to be. This was the inspiration for my first Lyric tale, Cosmic Discoveries, and for Lyric herself. For on the night I created Lyric, I thought of this story and wondered how the stars in Equestria came to be. Once I had the answer, I needed somepony to tell the tale. And thus, Lyric was born.

In the second story I am thinking of, it tells of a traveller searching for meaning. This is not quite the same as Lyric, for she has already found her meaning. Yet the fact that it is a traveller makes me feel that there is a connection between the two. Or I am simply reading too much into this as I often do.

So, my friends, would you like to hear these stories? They would be posted on my budding YouTube channel once I have done the readings. But first I wanted to see if there was enough interest.

Comments ( 16 )

Go nuts! ^-^ I'd love to hear them! :twilightsmile:

3650669 When'd they be coming out?

If there's enough interest, whenever I get over this light cold. I don't want to tax my voice too much.

3650683 I'm going to tax your FACE if you don't give me a hug!! Right now!! ^-^ *Opens up arms*

Of course! I'd love to hear those!

Awesome! Thanks for the feedback!

I'll bite, sure.

That means I'll have a read at them :)


Thank you, L! How was your holiday? :twilightsmile:

Pfft. As if you need to ask. :raritywink:

:rainbowlaugh: And there have been enough responses so far to make it worthwhile. Thanks for your feedback!

I'd be interested. So far your readings have done pretty good and I have quite enjoyed them! So, all I can tell you is; Go for it!

Thank you, mate! I really appreciate it! :pinkiehappy:

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