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A man with a love of top hats and the finer things in life. Like aged rum. And UNICORNS.

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"The Iron Horse" Updates Tomorrow (12/29)! · 12:10am Dec 29th, 2015

Hello everyone! How was your holiday? Or are you still having them?

Well, the chapter is complete, but I wanted to give my editors a little extra time over the holidays to give some feedback and I still want to make some changes. Plus, Green hasn't been feeling well and he's a bit behind on the chapter illustration, and I like to have new chapters with an illustration, if possible. So, the update will be tomorrow, most likely between 4 and 6 pm U.S. Central Time.

And the good news is that the regular "every-two-weeks" schedule will resume at that point. Thank you much everyone for being patient. I didn't do so hot on my "National Novel Writing Month" project, but at least I wrote a popular one-shot and a fun holiday special in the interim, so I hope that was enough to tide you all over. See you tomorrow! :twilightsmile:

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Comments ( 4 )

Looking forward to it!

Just picked up this story and finished a marathon reading session before the holidays. Cannot wait for more.

3648956 I'm glad to have a newer reader! I hope you'll enjoy the update!

I can't wait
Your stories are awesome

*pops apart like in The one where pinkie pie knows*
Go hat man!:yay:
Go turing:twilightsheepish:

Waiting for the next chapter!

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