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Need help finding cover art for Negotiations Sequel "Reunited" · 2:52pm Dec 28th, 2015

Hey, I need help finding cover art that's good for the sequel to Negotiations, "Reunited".

This is the summery:

It's been five years since our surrender. Things have gotten better, but we have a long way to go before our home is repaired and our name redeemed. I have spent these five years working nonstop to fix all the mistakes my former teacher left us.

But now I have a chance to make up one of the biggest ones I've ever made.


She betrayed us and sided with humanity. I hated her for her betrayal. Called her a coward. Now I am cowering in front of her house, begging for forgiveness. I have lost so much. I just want to gain one thing back.


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Comments ( 20 )

Yeah, that was the point. If I come across a serious one before you find one I'll show it.

I can't wait to read this. They will have a lot to talk about I think.

A symbolic picture like the previous story would be cool. So maybe Fluttershy's house? Only problem is that we don't know what her house is like :fluttershysad:

When (or if) you release a sequel to Negotiations, could you put a update in the description saying that the sequel is out and also add a second chapter to Negotiations, with a link to Reunited in it? I'd hate to miss out on a sequel to such a awesome book because I missed it when it (inevitably) shows up in the featured section. :twilightsmile:

That's not allowed anymore

3648603 That's too bad. :fluttercry:
Could you make another blog post? I'm really excited! :pinkiecrazy:

Great sequel idea! When Fluttershy says your war is unjust, you should probably listen. :twilightblush:

3648856 This one would have been perfect if Twilight was depicted as an Alicorn. Though it's still a good choice.

This is the only one that I found that might work


I know a few artists willing to help?

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