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  • 38 weeks
    Pony Video Day 16?!

    Holy cow its been so long since I did a pony video day, let alone a blog in general... :ajsleepy:

    But anyways, here is a random Wubcake video of and her friends fooling around in gmod... as the characters of mlp, eqg, and I don't even know...

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  • 81 weeks
    Random Rwby/MLP Crossover Pic

    No reason for posting this. I just like it a lot.

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  • 85 weeks
    A Great Picture of a Sunset.

    Get it? DID YA GET IT?! ...I'm gonna go now...

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  • 87 weeks
    Sunset's Waving at You!

    This is the cutest thing I've ever seen in a long time.

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  • 90 weeks
    Somebody's Mad...

    Yet still so adorable. :scootangel:

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So About The New Star Wars Movie... · 5:12am Dec 28th, 2015

Warning: Some spoilers for the new Star Wars movie! :scootangel:

I tried to avoid to watch the new star wars movie ever since it's trailer was released... The thing is that I kinda gave up on the series ever since episode 5. So what happened today was that one of my friends got 2 tickets to the movie. He thought that it was a good idea to bring me to watch it. So pretty much he lied to me that we were gonna watch the new 007 movie instead. When we got towards the movie theater, he showed me the tickets and boy I was angry at him on making me watch it. But I gave it 1 more chance and went to go watch it... And I have to say I'm glad to give it that 1 chance, cause it was pretty good. Plus the main characters were great (especially finn), the way they played their parts was nice, and the fight scenes were pretty good. Odd thing is that I noticed the effects were less flashy than I last remembered... Anyone else noticed that? :rainbowhuh: No? Oh well... Plus the death of Hans Solo... GOD DAMMIT WHY?! :raritydespair: But my favorite part ironically is the ending. I love parts in movies and other shows in general in where they are all silent. It makes us think on what they are trying to tell to each other and what they are feeling.

In the end I liked the movie. :twilightsmile: 8.5/10 I'm glad that I gave the series 1 more chance to see this. What were your thoughts? I wanna know. :scootangel:

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