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Hello Everypony. Sapphire here. Veteran Brony, long-time Flutterlover, and future published author.

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    It's been soo long

    Hey Everypony.  Happy Saturday to all of you and, to my fellow American brethren, Happy Independence Day.  It’s been quite a while since I published the final chapter of my latest story and even longer since I’ve last posted one of these Blog entries.  A lot has happened lately with the whole pandemic, social distancing, and even some businesses trying to get back on their feet over the past few

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    New Developments

    Hello Everypony. SapphireWings here again with a few updates. A lot has been going on over the past several months since I last posted here. I've been busy with work, polishing the first couple of chapters of my upcoming story, making my way through this final season of MLP :fluttercry: , but the biggest update is that, by this time next week, I'll be in Baltimore for the final BronyCon. I've

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    Back to the "Heart" of the matter

    Hello Everypony. Sapphire here, back for the first time in a long while. I know that it's been a little over 8 months since I last posted a blog entry here. There's just been a lot of stuff that's been going on in that period. That being said, I have recently gotten back into writing after having some trouble with my laptop previously. I've been hard at work on the next entry in my Guardian

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    I have an idea.

    Hello Everypony. SapphireWings here. I know that it's been awhile since I published the final chapter of Cruel Twist Of Fate or (Friendship Is Tragic) and I have been busy with work lately, but, this Saturday, me and my family (as well as some other relatives from out of state) are going on a family reunion vacation to Outer Banks, NC. So before I'm off the grid for more than a week, I wanted

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    Celebrating 50+ followers and now accepting questions for my Q&A

    Hello Everypony. Sapphire here with a blog post that's been a long time coming. Several months ago, I finally reached 50 followers and, after countless attempts to upload a picture of myself as promised, I've finally succeeded with some help from friends. The picture itself can be viewed below.

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It's been a while. · 4:36am Dec 28th, 2015

Hello Everypony. SapphireWings here with a quick little update. I know that I haven't been on this site for a while now as I've been rather busy with several different things. Naturally, Christmas was just this past week as well as several birthdays beforehand (including mine) so I had to do a lot of shopping for a lot of people. I have a habit of starting my shopping at around late September/early October and don't typically get it finished until a week or so before Christmas (but I do get the birthday shopping done on time). Additionally, I've had to help out with a lot of the baking of desserts, I've been busy trying to find a job (to no avail), and have been spending quite a bit of time on my new blog, mostly doing Top 12 lists and (as of recently) movie reviews. While I have been preoccupied with all these diversions, I haven't forgotten about my sequel story to Host Of Souls that I was going to write. In fact, I've put a lot of thought into it and have even gone outside of this site to ask others for assistance with the few trouble areas that I needed ironed out. With that said, for the next several months, I'm going to be rather busy with focusing my time on the upcoming Midwest Media Expo in Detroit that I'll be attending this coming April. My parents bought me the weekend pass for my birthday (as well as some money to go towards food) and I've already reserved my hotel room for the weekend. At this point, all I need to do is book the flight and make sure that I have some money left over for emergencies (such as cab fare and the like). Right now, I'm having to rely a lot on SSI until I can actually get a job whenever that may be. After that, come May, I promise that I'll start work on the sequel titled "Cruel Twist Of Fate or (Friendship Is Tragic)". It'll be something different for me as the genre of the story will be more along the lines of a tragedy. I'm fully confident that I'll have the story fully figured out come May. Until then, I really appreciate all of you who've supported my stories and I hope that I'll continue to entertain you with my upcoming story in the near future. Take care.

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Comments ( 11 )

I was getting worried about you

3647619 Aww. No need to worry. :twilightsmile: How's your story coming along? I checked your page recently and there hasn't been anything new since last January. Is everything O.K.?

3648460 Everything is fine. I just got Writer's Block, but I made some progress on my story recently

3648507 O.K. Any idea yet when it'll be published?

3648523 Hopefully before the first anniversary of my last published chapter

3648681 So you are making movie reviews now

3648782 When I can. Money's kind of tight right now though so it's not going to be a weekly thing at this point and more of an occasional thing when I get the opportunity.

3648806 Is the reviews on Youtube or here?

3649629 Only on my blog. I don't have the money or materials to do it on YouTube at the moment.

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