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"Inspiration does not come to the lazy. It only comes to those who call it." - P. I. Tchaikovsky

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I'm Back. · 10:29pm Dec 27th, 2015

Dear Bronies and Pagasisters,

Since I've came back from my family's vacation over Christmas, I'm not only glad for the relaxation, but for being a little more refreshed. I saw the new Star Wars movie, at my share of Kristy Kreams (which isn't in my town by-the-way) and have experienced fifty-sixty degree weather that's away from snow storms and subzero temperatures here in Idaho.

So with that in mind, I'll be getting back to work on my writings.

It's pretty good to be home.

Your fellow writer and closeted Brony,


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Comments ( 15 )

welcome back!! Hope you had a happy christmas :twilightsmile:

Say, I'm not sure if you're aware of this, but I'm doing a bit of cross over with two of my series, Harmonic and Mr. Disc.

3646600 By-the-way, how are ya anyways?

Interesting. :raritystarry:
I am personally looking forward to it if you decide to write it. :twilightsmile:

PS: Please tell me if that sentence make sense. :rainbowlaugh:

I... dont want to talk about that.

3646633 Actually, I am writing it, and it's already posted too! (Although, I best advised to read the Mr. Disc series so it'll make sense. Since it takes place in that universe after all that's happened.) It's called The Four Seasons for Quintet.

P.S. Very well, I won't push the matter.

Oh ok i'll read it as soon as posible. :raritywink:

PS: thank you

Oh gosh, I've been waiting for, like, a whole year for an occasion to use this :eeyup: cutie! Yes!:yay:

3646695 Well, hello to you too. I have worked on the story a bit during my time, but not by much. However, I do think that I have an idea where I want to take the Autumn part.

3647513 All I can say is that for one, I'll be using the gym teacher, Ms. Spitfire, to breakup a fight in the boys locker room.

3647526 Don't you worry, Ms. Spitfire is actually gonna help here in a big way.

A big, fat, relieved sigh - which, BTW, really needs an own emoji - "pfew!"

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