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  • 110 weeks
    Over 100 Followers!


    You really do!

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  • 125 weeks
    The Well gets its second YouTube Reading!

    Hi All,

    I haven't passed on into the Abyss. I know it's bene a long time since I've posted and for that I am sorry. It's support like this that makes me remember why I care about this fandom so much.

    Here is a new YouTube reading of my hit Farkfic "the Well" by the very talented Swift Blade.

    "The Well" by Swift Blade Productions

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  • 172 weeks
    New Story!


    This is a followup to Only I Know.

    There are some things even the princess of friendship can't handle. One of those things is Fluttershy.

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  • 173 weeks
    Looking Back on Old Stories

    So I've made several attempts at writing series that never went anywhere on FImfiction. Some never got enough attention to warrant the effort while others I just lost interest. Looking back I'm wondering which one, if any, I should give it another go.

    Dark Frost

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  • 177 weeks
    Is He Dead?

    "Hey BC, what have you been up to?" :twilight smile:

    "We miss you around here. Is Everything okay?" :fluttershysad:

    "Did that thing in the Well get you?" :pinkie gasp:

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New Avatar · 2:37am Dec 27th, 2015

Hey, every pony.

Well, it finally happened. I finally got my new face, so to speak. How do you like it?

This simple but elegant piece was done by the talented Charlemane, author of "The Stars Beyond the Veil."


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