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We are all just stories in the end. Official scribe to his Royal Highness King Sombra of the Crystal Empire. His tales are as varied as they are poignant, sad and bittersweet. Remember them well.

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Pony Ear Fetishes and Proofreaders · 6:57pm Dec 26th, 2015

I know there's no point bitching here about this, but I have two short, complete bits ready to go up and how the hell does anyone find any proofreaders around here anyway?!?

**my boss walks in** "Good evening, Scribe."

I curtsy quickly. "My King."

"My ears were burning, Nyx. Does that mean you have something of note to tell me?"

My King removes his crown, revealing two well-shaped and ADORABLE pony ears. He shakes his head, fluffing them up. One twitches, annoyed by some physical discomfort.

They are intensely distracting.

He levitates his adornment over to the head form on a dresser against the wall.

"I think it means you have an itch, My King," I suggest, reaching up with a hoof to scratch behind the left one. I freakin' love my job. I mean, who else gets to scratch behind the ear of the King of Shadows and see him tilt his head towards them, eyes momentarily drifting closed, like a cat enjoying the attention? Not his enemies, that's for DAMN sure. All they get to do is watch themselves DIE.

"I have two stories ready for your approval, Sire," I say after giving him a minute of wordless pleasure getting that - again - ADORABLE ear scratched.

"Mmmm..." he purrs, in no hurry.

The scratching continues. You see, it's taken years to learn the fine art of how long to scratch those smoky gray shadow ears until just before he catches on that I am distracting him from news he may not be entirely pleased with. Oh the stories are done, pretty much ready to go, it's just I haven't received them back from the proofreader yet.

"And what is the problem with them, Nyx?" he asks quietly, eyes still closed.

Oh, didn't distract you enough this time, did I? *sigh* But you are still enjoying your ear scratching, so you aren't too terribly annoyed.

"I have a proofreader, My King," I reply. "but their time is limited and she isn't done yet - "

Oh how he HATES pulling himself away from this lavish attention to his person, but he does anyway, though SLOWLY. "And why is that? Are not my tales sufficiently important enough to warrant her full attentions?"

"So much so she is involved with crafting your tale of Fluttershy, Bluebell and - " I whisper the rest in that cute little pony ear. Yes, it's a shameless way of getting innocently close enough to him without his notice, but I just CAN'T HELP MYSELF!

He draws back, surprised. "Oh, yes, that one is quite - important as well."

Time to get back to the flattery and keep his good mood. I cross over in front of him (he doesn't like people going behind his back where he can't see them. No warrior does.) and attend the other ear. "I will have them up by the weekend, My King," I promise him softly.

Got 'em! He's shadow goo in my hooves! His eyes close again in utter bliss, his muscles soooo relaxed his chest plate armor sags just a little. Obviously I found that sweet itchy spot!

"Mmmm, have what up?"

"Nothing important, Sire. Nothing important."

This is, of course, a reference to my favorite FIM Fiction author Topside and her smoky, sexy Sombra tale A Shadow in the Night.

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Comments ( 9 )

Here hee, I see I'm not alone in loving the ear thing~ Gotta love Sombra, even his ears are so dang adorable! :pinkiehappy:

Heh, it was actually an inspired idea by your From Darkness to Light story, Pixel! You just had to go there and reveal why Somby hides is ears with his crown, didntcha? *big grin!* I just took shameless advantage of your throwaway lines :derpytongue2:

Excuse me, I'd appreciate it immensely if you did not take my art and edit it. :T

cute story though :> Just, please don't take my art again without proper credit. And do not edit it. Thanks!

4261399 You got it. I removed it from here, but saw this after the other comment you made on the other place I used it. Do you want me to take that one down as well? That one wasn't edited.

4261605 Nah, that one is fine! And thank you very much for removing it! :> If you'd like though, you could always commission me for a tumbnail drawing for your fics. My prices are usually extremely cheap xD and I do need to practice more of ponies :> Though again, if you ever do use my art, just gimme credit and there shouldn't be any issues. My luna blog has a picture of Sombra by himself if you'd like to use that one instead. Just remember to credit me and it's all good uwu

4261617 Heh, you must have read my mind because I really like your style (guess that's obvious :twilightblush:) and I was thinking of asking if you did commissions. I'll definitely check out your rates. And thank you for the offer of using the other Sombra image. I'll take a peek when I'm not running around with my head cut off :rainbowlaugh:

4261624 Ah thank you very much uwu and my DA might not have the prices, but just send me a note and I'll let you know what I usually charge :> And no problem! Thank you for being so understanding!

4261633 Aw, you're welcome! And I'm certainly NOT going to be a douche and say I won't take YOUR artwork down. I may love it, but I understand and respect your rights to dictate where it's shown. And the cool thing is now I know where to contact you to pay you to make some just for me. It's a win in my book :x:nerdgasm:

4261670 Lol thank you! I also consider it a win since you were so understanding uwu

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