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    New idea.

    I have an idea for a slice of life, maybe comedy and romance story with Fluttershy and Spike working for Sugarcube Corner with Pinkie, rated teen for swearing, smoking and maybe drinking as the two work for different goals, experience or even more in Spike's case and money, naturally. The romance is Discord/Pinkie and Spike/Gabby.

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    Hey everyone, I'm back. Just watched season eight and nine plus the movie and I have to say, I really liked it. Some parts made me laugh really hard and the final fight was insane for MLP at least.

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    Professional Artist?

    Any really good artists in the fandom? I have a few custom cover arts I want made and I have the money if you have the time and patience. Keep in mind I'm very detailed but will take consideration to your words to changes and such, naturally you'll be credited and given a link to your profile on top of being paid.

    Let me know the price and if you would be willing to negotiate or not.

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    Four Hundred!

    Holy bucking shit, it took me five years but this is still a very, very big deal for me. Thank you everyone so much for four hundred followers, I'm very excited and I feel like I should do something to celebrate. Ideas?

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Rewrite of Sins Of The Heart · 8:34pm Dec 24th, 2015

Hi.....so I came out of nowhere. My author brother and I are rewriting Sins Of The Heart, major changes are being made about it but let's get down to the important things.

1. Instead of Spilight it will be Spikealoo instead with a one sided Spilight, meaning Twilight is in love with Spike but he does not return the feelings.

2. How Twilight and Spike entered the Nightmare Realm is also being rewritten drastically as well as how they meet the Elements of Disharmony.

3. Since we are coming back to this full force expect updates more than there was before.

3. We need an editor if anyone is interested and just to warn you there might be a minor LunaDash romance, we're not sure yet.

4. We'll be doing a lot of research on how much in common Spike and Scootaloo have to make their romance more realistic and it will develop slowly rather than full force, which is unrealistic. Along with Twilight trying to know what made her fall for Spike in the first place and attempting for the two to be together as they journey through the Nightmare Realm.

5. We know not everyone really liked Spilight which is why we changed it, we hope you'll enjoy the rare pairing of Spikealoo though as the story goes on, the brand new chapter will be posted tomorrow after we edit a few things...also we're back, bitches.

Any questions?

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I like how this sounds, gonna check it out when I can.

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