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The Orb Is Mai Waifu · 1:34pm Dec 24th, 2015

Note: If you haven't seen Ultra Fast Pony up to episode 52, this might not make sense. (but it might still be funny)

I honestly cannot accurately describe how happy that scene (the one with the orb returning and sending the changlings to space) from UFP episode 52 makes me. I would never be able to do it justice. It just fills me with such powerful emotion, I cannot help but squeal in delight. My heart feels like it's going to explode with just how giddy I am. Oh, I just love The Orb so freaking much! The Orb is my favorite UFP character. No, not just that. The Orb is my favorite character from anything related to MLP. Wait, no. Even that's not strong enough. The Orb is my favorite character ever. No... not even that is enough. The Orb is my favorite. There is literally nothing I love more than The Orb.
I think...
I think I might be in love with The Orb.
Oh, The Orb... Mai Waifu.
Yes. That feels... right.
The Orb is mai waifu.
The Orb...
Is mai waifu.

Oh, how my heart aches from the fact that we can never be together. We are from different worlds. This is absolutely unheard of! Star-crossed lovers from different worlds. I have never heard of such a thing. And one of them being from an animated series! It's absolutely unthinkable! And yet, it merely makes me yearn for The Orb even more. Oh, what would my family think? What would my friends think? What would society say about this? They would disapprove, of course. Society always does. My friends would cut their ties with me, and my family would disown me for bringing this great dishonor upon the family name.

But I don't care.

Someday. Someday, I'll find a way for us to be together, my love. There are no walls that will not be crossed for love. The fourth one is no exception! I shall remove the obstacles that separate us! I don't care what people will say! This is true love that I'm fighting for! And there is nothing that can get in my way.

And once we are united, my love, mai waifu, my Orb; we shall show them all what true love looks like. Our courtship shall be wondrous, matched only by our marriage. I shall find someone to perform the ceremony, don't you worry. There are still some left in this world that know true love when they see it. And ours it the truest, the purest of love. We shall be together forever, and nothing anyone says will get in our way.

And once we are joined in holy matrimony, we shall need to consummate our marriage. Oh, what a night that will be. Just you and me, my lovely Orb. You and me, alone together. Oh, I feel flushed just writing this now. But don't worry, my Orb, I'll be gentle. And I'll save myself for you; there is no fleeting passion that I would risk our never-ending love for. And, when the time comes, I know I'll be the first that you allow to enter you. Oh, I simply cannot wait for that night, when our bodies will be joined together in the most intimate of ways. Two shall become one, in both body and soul. I dream of this every night.

I lie awake in bed sometimes, doubts threatening to invade my mind. But the thought of us being together drives me onward, my love.

We shall be together forever, my darling Orb, don't you worry.
I shall find a way.
Love always finds a way.
Love fills all plot holes.

Until next time, my love,
Some Random Brony Online

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